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If You Won, Would You Choose Direct Deposit?

Decisions, decisions. It feels like every day, there’s a new important decision that needs to be made. It can get overwhelming, right? Well, if you won our $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize, you’d have another decision to make: Would you choose direct deposit or prize checks?

Now that’s a decision we wouldn’t mind making! Some folks like their payments in prize checks, and others like direct deposit. Which do you think YOU would choose? Both have certain benefits – it’s just what’s better for you.

Prize Checks:
With prize checks, there’s no need for online banking, which some people are uncomfortable with.
With prize checks, you can make a tangible photocopy for your records.
With prize checks, you’re reminded each week of just how much money is coming in.

Direct Deposit:
A lot of people find direct deposit to be extremely convenient.
With direct deposit, you don’t need to go back and forth to the bank.
With direct deposit, your money hits your account instantly – no waiting for checks to clear.

Can you guys think of other pros to prize checks vs. direct deposit? Let’s get a dialogue going in the comments below. Which weekly prize payout option do you prefer – prize checks or direct deposit?

Let’s face it – whether it’s paper checks or direct deposit, prize payouts of $7,000.00 A Week For Life are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME – and they add up fast! Honestly, I bet most of you would be happy even if they came by magic carpet! But I’d like to know what you guys think! You never know… you may actually have to make this decision one day! Comment below!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. I would love my won money to be direct deposit every week to my bank BANK OF AMERICA, that way I will be able to send money to all my love ones in need. Thank you please Oh God make this happen…

  2. Hi Tina P! Hope that life has been going well for you, and hope you’re in great spirits!

    This is a very good question that forces me to take the Socrates approach, prompting me to ask you a question to help me make this decision! Regarding prize checks or direct deposit, which would PCH prefer?

    Is it easier/more cost effective (for PCH) to pay winners via prize check or direct deposit?

    🙂 Which ever is better for PCH as a whole – that is the one that I want to pick. Hope to hear back soon, and thanks for all that you do!

    <3 Paul G.

  3. I think that it’s fine to have options, but the reason i choose direct deposit is because it makes it so that it gets in faster.

    But I think the good in why I chose direct deposit in the first place, as opposed to people delivering checks at the door, is so that the money can be easily translated to banks they are comfortable using it.

    And honestly, it just makes sense for some people to choose different options.