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Top 10 Spring Kid Activities, With Help From PCHSearch&Win!

It is frosty cold although the sun is shining bright
Taxes are haunting our dreams at night 
Storms are threatening, be it rain or snow
Where is spring, we don’t know.

Yes, it is March. We are still bundled up hoping for brighter and warmer days. So, what do we do till then? Prepare for the warmer days, of course! 

I already know some of the great activities I plan on doing and so can you!  I can’t wait to hang out with my little cousins during their spring break. With PCHSearch&Win, it’s easy to keep up my cool big cousin vibe. I simply search spring activities for kids, and I have a boatload of fun ready to go. 

Top 10 Spring Activities For Kids (Cool Big Cousin Roadmap) 

  1. Kite Making & Flying

Wind in our hair and grass under our feet, kite flying is a win-win! With a simple search on PCHSearch&Win I found the best park for kite flying near me. Where do I get these kites, you may ask. Easy! You can make them! Simply search “how to make a kite” on PCHSearch&Win for more family fun. 

2. Pretty Flowers & Cherry Blossoms

There is nothing I like better than a sing-along in the car while we anticipate a day of flowery magic. April showers bring loads of flowers so I used PCHSearch&Win to find the nearest flower filled park where I can lay out a picnic spread. 

photo by Karl Fredrickson, @kfred

3. Camping

Honestly, being outdoors overnight is not my thing but it might be yours. Why not find campgrounds near you or even far away at PCHSearch&Win. Bring the whole family along for toasted marshmallows, s’mores and story time.

4. Gardening

Gardening is a must for me this spring and somehow, I always forget what the best spring flowers are. Lucky for me, I have PCHSearch&Win which lets me know what flowers I should plant and where I can find them! 

5. Butterfly Conservatory & Greenhouse

I don’t know about you, but conservatories and greenhouses tend to get really hot in the summer, so I make sure to catch up on all this beauty in the spring. With a quick search on PCHSearch&Win you can find all the conservatories and greenhouses near you.

6. Visit The Zoo 

With that in mind, why not visit your local zoo! I can’t wait to go to the zoo, the canaries are calling. Find the nearest zoo with a search on PCHSearch&Win.

7. Bird Watching

At this time of year, many birds are migrating. Search on PCHSearch&Win to find out where you can go bird watching. Maybe, you’ll even wind up on a hike. Exciting! 

8. Scenic Sunsets

My city has some relaxing spots to take in radiant sunsets on a quiet evening. Visit PCHSearch&Win (Link)to find a spot near you and to get directions.

Photo by S&B Vonlanthen, @blavon

9. Visit The Beach

Now I don’t know about you, but you won’t find me bathing at the beach in the spring. However, I love long walks and picking up cool rocks and shells. Check out PCHSearch&Win to find the nearest opened beach near you!

 10. Vacation

I want to stay at home this spring break with my little cousins, but you don’t need to. How about planning a tropical vacation or maybe even going to another state? You’ll find everything you need on PCHSearch&Win. From hotels and flights to car rentals and activities, PCHSearch&Win can find you all that you need at great prices. 

PS. Every time you search, you have a chance to win! With your first search of the day after logging on, you’ll be entered to win our life-changing SuperPrize!

As you can see, I am ready for the spring with my top 10 kid spring activity roadmap. What about you? Tell me what your spring plans are in the comments below. Who do you like to hang out with in the spring?  

Your Girl,
Tamara G.

Creative Intern

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