Want To Score FREE Cash & Tokens? Jump In On Today’s Exciting Game Tournament

Need a quick mental break? Maybe you just need something fun and different to spend a few minutes on today? Whatever the case may be, right now is the perfect time to take that break, try something fun AND have the opportunity to WIN. That’s right, I am talking about hopping on to PCHgames and joining in the fun on today’s Mahjongg Minute 3D tournament!

If you don’t already know, not only are PCHgames tournaments a ton of fun (that you can enjoy from just about anywhere you have a computer, smartphone or tablet) but you also get some pretty cool perks! Tournament days offer DOUBLE tokens AND the chance to score some sweet cash prizes – GUARANTEED to be awarded. You’ll also find multiple winners from each of the platforms: desktop, mobile and tablet. That’s a lot of winning, folks! 

If you’ve never played Mahjongg at PCHgames before, then you are in for a treat! It’s no different than the traditional Mahjongg you know and love, but with a fun PCH twist.  The tiles all represent the iconic images of winning here at PCH – with roses, the famous PCH van, balloons and more. All the things that you would expect from a winning moment. I don’t know about you, but seeing those images would definitely make me want to become a winner! 

So, as you can see, fans, there really is no reason not to join in on today’s tournament. For those seasoned Mahjongg players it’ll be a breeze! Compete for one of those high-ranking scores and you could walk away with cash, tokens and some bragging rights! Remember, you can play anywhere, anytime on mobile, desktop or even on your smartphone. There really is no excuse! 

If you haven’t tried Mahjongg Minute 3D yet, then today is the perfect time to start playing. Keep on practicing and you’ll rack up a higher score, and because it’s a tournament day, even more tokens! 

Happy Gaming! 

Victoria P.
PCH Creative 

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  1. Yes! Please let me win! It would mean so much to Family and people in need.!
    Win $7,000.00 a week for life w/ gwy #13000 gwy#18000 gwy# 11937 gwy# 11936 gwy# second chance #13000 Thank You

  2. Yes I want to win $7,000.00 a week for life w/ gwy#13000, gwy#18000 gwy#11937 gwy#11936
    Please Dear Lord Guide Me, Don’t let me fail again, Really need your help! Please! There is so
    much to do in Helping others. Amen



    Good LUCK ! 👍❤️🥰🤩😯😍😍😇🌺💑😇😍🥰😝

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