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Words From Winners!

I want to ask you a question. When you enter hoping to win our big SuperPrize events, do you sit around and daydream about what you’ll do with the money? I have a vivid imagination, and I know that if I could enter at PCH, I’d have had 1,001 dreams by now! But do you ever imagine about not just what you’d DO with the money…but what you’d be saying?

You may or may not know this, but after a person wins BIG from PCH, one of the first things we ask the winner to do is to share some thoughts and feelings on their huge windfall. So get ready to get inspired, because today we’re going to share some Words From Winners!
First up is Carol Copeland:

That’s what Carol said when she won. The Prize Patrol tracked her down at her job and surprised her with $10,000! Carol talks about dreaming and she says she’s been doing it for the longest time. How long would you tell us you’ve been dreaming about a day like this? And what would you do if we surprised you somewhere else other than your house? What if we tracked you down to your favorite restaurant? Or maybe the grocery store? It could happen!

That’s what Tyrone Garvin said. He’s still at it! Still playing, still entering! And he wants everyone to know that it’s 100% real. If you won, would you say something like that? Would you shout it from the mountain tops that Publishers Clearing House is the real deal?

Now here’s Jodi Woods!

Some people think that being a PCH Winner is impossible, and unfortunately, I see that comment on social media from time to time. But, just like Jodi reminds us, ANYTHING can happen! Anyone can become a winner, and yes…PCH IS FOR REAL!

And lastly, how can you top what PCH Winner Katherine says! Wow, we saved her life? You know, I guess we really can’t put a limit on how money can really affect people’s lives. I don’t know the details, but I have no doubt that Katherine was able to put her prize money to good use.

So what would you say if you were to become a PCH winner? Let’s pretend you won not just $10,000, but $10 MILLION dollars! What would your winner quote be? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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