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Motivational Monday: Why You Should Just Keep On Swinging!!!

Hello, all of you players out there! As the baseball season comes into full swing, I thought I would choose an appropriate quote for my next Motivational Monday blog.  I came across this one from Babe Ruth that seemed perfect: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Just Play The Game!

You’ve just got to enter to win. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about what others might say or that you can’t win (you know that’s just not true).  I want to remind you that plenty of our lucky winners in the past have told us that they, too, thought they’d never win. Until the day the Prize Patrol showed up at their door with the Big Check, balloons, roses and champagne! So, stop believing that you’re going to fail, or fearing that you’re going to fail. Just keep your eye on the ball … or your eye on the prize … and keep swinging!  You never know, just like our past winners, you could end up hitting one out of the park! And it wouldn’t have happened if you had stopped playing.

Play With A Positive Attitude!

If you take away one thing from this Motivational Monday blog, it should be that you can’t let doubt get in your way! Just stay focused and enter to win.  Stay in the game, and your positive attitude could really pay off! 

All it takes is a timely entry for a chance to win. You’ve got nothing to lose! How long does it take to enter to win? A few minutes? A few seconds to push a button? Lick an envelope? Transfer a sticker? With a little persistence it could be you next who gets a visit from the Prize Patrol.

Plus, you can enter and be entertained at the same time at PCHgames! It’s got an incredible variety of exciting games to play, where you can rack up tokens and win instant prizes and redeem your tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange for more chances to win. 

Lucky winner Natalie Glover won $10,000.00 and keeps on playing. Her reasoning? She says, “Keep playing! It only takes a few minutes of your time. Might as well take a chance on yourself. It is real.”

Remember, any timely entry, whether at pch.comPCHSearch&WinPCHlottoPCHgames or through the U.S. mail could make you our next winner. Our next big prize is coming up very soon, so don’t miss out! Enter to win $7,000.00 A Week For Life on April 26th, when our Special Early Look Prize Event Winner will be announced on NBC. Someone has to win … why not you?

Best of luck to you all,

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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