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Spice Up Spring With Delicious Recipes From PCHSearch&Win

Spring has finally sprung, PCH fans! It’s officially April and even though it’s still a bit chilly here at PCH headquarters, we are finally starting to get the first few hints of springtime weather. Aside from the change in season, one of my favorite things about Spring is trying out new, lighter recipes. In fact, over the past few weeks I’ve been on a spicy food kick and wanted to share with all of you some delicious recipe ideas I found using PCHSearch&Win!

One of my all-time favorite types of food is hands-down Mexican or Southwestern Cuisine. I love all of the spices and sauces that you can create, and for some reason I enjoy this type of cuisine even better in the springtime!

A few nights ago, I decided that I wanted something light, yet filling after an intense 1-hour workout at the gym. It was already late, so I didn’t have too much time to cook. Of course, I headed right on over to PCHSearch&Win and started searching for quick weeknight southwestern-style dinners. Let me tell you, fans, the results did not disappoint! In just seconds I was starting to scroll through some tasty looking recipes (with mouthwatering photos) and decided on one or two recipes to try over the next few nights.

The first deliciously spicy recipe I found was for a Southwestern Stir Fry with Avocado Slices & Quinoa/Brown Rice Mix. It was so simple to make, I only used a few basic ingredients and I contributed my own little flair by adding some homemade salsa to the mix. It also made a TON of food, so I had plenty of leftovers for the next few days. All-around win!

The second recipe I tried was a twist on the classic Burrito! Instead of wrapping up the contents into a flour or corn tortilla, this mouthwatering recipe called for all the traditional toppings of a burrito, but over a bed of sautéed Black Beans. I just added some shredded cheese and a little bit of homemade salsa and I had a perfect blend of savory and spicy!

SO, fans, are you ready to put a little spice in your spring cooking? It’s so easy to find recipes just likes these, and more at PCHSearch&Win! Oh, and don’t forget that not only will you get great results, but you’ll also be entered into our amazing sweepstakes with your first search of the day AND have a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes INSTANTLY!

Happy Cooking!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

PS – With less than a month to Prize Day, are you entering every way you can? Come back to the blog this afternoon and get the scoop from Matt “the Stats Man” Kelly!

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