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The Prizes at PCH Never Stop!

Play Morning, Noon, and Night for Your Best Chance to Win!

If you’re any sort of fan of the PCHblog, then you’ve probably become familiar with just about every contest, game, and giveaway offered by Publishers Clearing House. We’re always trying to give you tips and tricks to entering and playing so you can make the most of your PCH experience; but now another reason to keep enjoying PCH’s various sites and apps – because the prizes at PCH never stop!

It’s true! PCH fans live all over the country and have all sorts of schedules, and that means they come to PCH at any, and every, hour of the day to play games, enter contests, collect tokens, and go for big cash wins. With this in mind, it just wouldn’t be fair if PCH awarded its daily cash prizes to just the first people each day to enter a contest, play an instant-win game, play a scratch card, or win a token game. In order to give all fans a chance to win, PCH plans giveaways – cash and other prizes – throughout the day.

When you’ve got the times, PCH has the games … and the prizes!!!

Where are some of the places where the prizes at PCH never stop? Along with those already mentioned, like instant-win games and scratch offs (including those on the VIP page), don’t forget about PCHsearch&win and the PCHrewards Token Exchange. Remember, all those tokens you earn can be redeemed for a wide variety of prizes – cash, gift cards, electronics, etc. – at the Token Exchange so you can claim entries to prizes you want whether it’s morning, noon, or night. And don’t forget about the PCH apps! They bring more opportunities to win prizes and, best of all, can go anywhere you go so you never have to leave the fun behind.

The Prizes Never Stop at PCH so play all day – and night!

Regardless of how (desktop computer, mobile device, app, etc.) or when you enter or play, you’ll always have a shot at scoring a cash win. How much will you spend going after these cash and prize wins? Not a single cent because every contest and every game is free! Plus, PCH’s instant-win games, scratch cards, token games, and sweepstakes all come with bonus games that offer an added opportunity to score some cash.

What happens when you’ve entered every contest and played every game? Do it again on your mobile device, then again on the apps – like we said, the fun keeps going and the prizes at PCH never stop. What are you waiting for? Start going for the gold today!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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  1. How can I be 2 win PCH, I’ve been playing 4 25 years…. But cents.. The new PCH. Taking over, I’ve been playing 6.4 16 years 1 million will be nice at this time. I’m just going 2 giving 2 God, amen.