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What Kind of Family Trip Would You Take …

Right here at PCH is WHERE you could you win $25,000 A Month for Life in our Special Early Look prize event on June 30th. That’s just around the corner — in summertime, the best time for taking the gang on a fun-filled Family Trip they’d never forget!

Would you prefer FAMILY TRIP #1: a sun-drenched beach vacation?

Imagine taking your family to a luxurious seaside resort, with endless white sand beaches and sparkling blue water. The kids could swim, snorkel and build sand castles to their hearts’ content, while the grownups relax in the shade of lush palm trees. THAT’S definitely a great family trip idea for a $25,000 A Month for Life winner!

How about FAMILY TRIP #2: exploring our majestic National Parks?

What a wonderful adventure to share with your family, making happy memories for a lifetime! Witness the power of Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser … gaze into the purple depths of the Grand Canyon … and enjoy the view from the top of Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain. A $25,000 A Month for Life winner’s family would stay right in the parks, in historic, pampering (and pricey!) lodges like El Tovar or Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

Or would you choose FAMILY TRIP #3: an exciting world tour?

Strolling through Portugal’s sunny seaside towns … exploring Paris, “The City of Lights” … sampling every gelato flavor in Florence — the Old World has something to thrill every happy traveler in a $25,000 A Month for Life Family Trip like this.

You just might pick FAMILY TRIP #4: nonstop fun in your favorite theme park!

Picture taking the gang down to Orlando’s “Magical Kingdom,” with VIP passes that send you to the front of every line — or to a fantastic beachside resort with screamer rides, arcades, shows, seafood restaurants and a 4 Star hotel to “crash” in at the end of every thrilling day! A June 30th $25,000 A Month for Life winner could pick up every tab without a second thought!

So … would it be FAMILY TRIP #1, #2, #3 or #4? TELL US by commenting below.

Or, tell us if you have an altogether DIFFERENT idea for the Family Trip of your dreams, whether it’s skiing, an African safari, an extravagant cruise — the choice would be yours if you win $25,000 A Month for Life.

But before you start packing, START ENTERING, every day and every way you can. You never know which prize number might turn out to be a winning match, so it’s best to send back as many PCH prize numbers as possible.

Looking forward to seeing your “PCH Family Dream Trip” comments below!

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