Play It Safe And Look For The Blue Check Mark!

If you love connecting with us on our social media pages (and we know you do!), then you need to be aware of a very important feature that all of our PCH Facebook, PCH Twitter and PCH Instagram pages have in common – the Blue Check Mark at the top of the page. Why is it so important that you look for the Blue Check Mark on our pages? The blue check mark is the easiest way to tell that the PCH page you’re interacting with is the REAL DEAL!

Check out this PCH “Social. Media. Safety” Video to learn more!

As fun as it is to interact on social media with family and friends, you need to play it safe and be on the lookout for imposters. It’s very easy for scammers out there to be someone they’re not, hoping to fool consumers like you. We would hate to see any of you fall victim to Prize Patrol scammers or be fooled by any fake PCH accounts. It’s a sad reality, but it’s true. There are those unscrupulous imposters out there who would have you believe that you’ve won an actual prize from PCH and state that you need to pay money to claim it. Of course, it’s NOT true. The REAL PCH would never ask you to pay a cent. Because the winning is always FREE and no payment, fee, tax or any amount is ever required or asked for to collect a PCH prize!

Remember that the REAL PCH PRIZE PATROL will NEVER send friend requests, private messages, or winner notifications through any of our social media sites. These imposter scammers can make their Facebook pages look very authentic. Don’t fall for it! Always make sure you’re on the REAL PCH Fan Page on Facebook by looking for the blue check mark.

The REAL PCH would never notify our winner in advance on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. That would ruin the surprise and our carefully-planned winning moments that are filmed as they happen with no advance notice! Be on the lookout for any fake winning messages out there and be sure you report it to us right away. We work closely with law enforcement and consumer protection officials from coast to coast to help stop these bad actors, and any information you can provide is always helpful in these ongoing efforts.

If you visit a site that does not have the Blue Check Mark on it, do NOT interact with it! Make sure you’re using the verified PCH Facebook, PCH Instagram and PCH Twitter pages that have the Blue Check Mark on top!

We always love to hear from you and look forward to seeing your comments! But we want you to be sure you are only interacting with the REAL PCH for the most exciting and REAL Sweepstakes experience! Please have fun and be safe! Come visit our verified social media pages and come often!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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