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Top 5 Reasons To Download Wincredible!

Hello Friends and Fans!

Have you downloaded the Wincredible app for iPhone yet?

It has TONS of fun FREE-TO-PLAY trivia right at your fingertips! And, with 10 categories to choose from, you will be entertained all day long! So, if you haven’t downloaded by now…

Here Are 5 Reasons You Totally Should!

Wincredible cash prizes

Reason #1:  You Can Win GUARANTEED Cash!

There will DEFINITLEY be a $100.00 Sweepstakes winner EVERY DAY and you can score MEGA ENTRIES, just by playing fun, easy trivia! Play as much as you can to get as many entries as you can, because each one counts toward the nightly drawing!

Reason #2: Score Tokens You Can Use To Go For Awesome Prizes!

Yes, it’s true! You will get Tokens for answering questions correctly! PLUS, your Tokens can be used in the PCHrewards Token Exchange toward entries for WONDERFUL PRIZES, like gifts-cards or even a BRAND-NEW CAR! Just Imagine–you could be a MAJOR PRIZE WINNER! Just for solving some trivia and having fun!

Wincredible Trivia

Reason #3:  You Can Build Your Brain And Have A Great Time!

There are a range of topics to play, including…

  1. World
  2. Science and Nature
  3. History
  4. Animals
  5. Food
  6. Sports and Games
  7. Home
  8. Transportation
  9. Business and Technology
  10. Pop Culture

My favorite is the World category. It’s crazy how a gondola in Venice could look really similar to a fishing boat in Japan! Plus, playing trivia like Wincredible can help keep you sharp by testing your knowledge and focus! And, no matter what you’re interested in, Wincredible has you covered!

Reason #4: You Can Play Trivia With Others During Our Live Events!

If you like playing social games, this app is perfect for you! Wincredible has live events throughout the day in which you will have a chance to play others in exciting trivia battles! It’s such a rush going head-to-head for cold hard CASH! These Live events take place at 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm ET! And keep in mind, even if you don’t win the live game prize, you’ll still earn entries for the $100 nightly sweepstakes! And score lots of Tokens!

Reason #5:  It Will Not Cost You Anything!

Everything on Wincredible is COMPLETELY FREE to play! Whether you are guessing the correct stripe pattern of the U.S. flag in our History category or guessing what the hottest celebrities are wearing in Pop Culture, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the app store and download Wincredible app for iPhone, where you could win CASH daily! And let us know in the comments what your favorite thing is about the app!

Have Fun My Friends!

Brittany A.
PCH Creative Intern

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