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Behind The Scenes On Award Day: $25,000.00 To Your Door!

Good morning to all of you fans and friends! Do you know what today is? Well, it could be your lucky day if you’ve been entering to win our exciting $25,000.00 To Your Door Sweepstakes! Why? Because today the PCH Prize Patrol is on the road to make a lucky winner’s day with a $25,000.00 FORTUNE!

That’s right. If you thought August was already extreme, hold onto your seats, because today the Prize Patrol is going to surprise one very lucky winner with a big check in hand.

Did you get your entries in? Beginning on August 9th we urged all of you fans throughout our network to enter at for your chances to win this incredible prize. So I hope you did, because the winner could do so much with that money to make their Summer even more spectacular! Like go on a fun-filled family vacation, spruce up their backyard for some awesome summertime parties, and so much more!

In true behind the scenes fashion, we’ll be posting clues throughout today as to the Prize Patrol’s whereabouts, just to give you a heads up in case you’re our lucky winner! As the day goes on, the clues will get closer and closer to the winner’s location!

Clue 1: The winner’s state flag has a blue background.

Clue 2: The winner’s state was admitted to the union during the first half of the 19th Century.

Clue 3: The winner’s state borders a body of water.

Clue 4: The winner’s state has 2 time zones.

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Rivera of South Bend, Indiana, who won an incredible $25,000.00!

Dave Sayer says:

It took an hour of knocking on neighbors’ doors and trying inoperative phone lines before we finally got a hold of Michelle Rivera and summoned her home — to take delivery of a mysterious package. Mystery solved! It was the PCH Prize Patrol — with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check — for $25,000! Answered prayer said Michelle, a pre-school teacher, and husband Ed. They’ve always had faith in PCH but couldn’t remember winning anything from anyone! So they will keep on entering— and maybe we will return with an even Bigger Check!

We’re so excited to make another PCH winner’s dreams come true. We’re sure it was an incredible winning moment at the winner’s doorstep, and we hope to share that video with you in a future blog. So stay tuned!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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