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What Is Your Favorite Wincredible Category?

Hello, Friends and Fans!!!

Have you heard all of the awesome things about Wincredible?

Well, first, you should know there is a GUARANTEED $100.00 Sweepstakes winner EVERY DAY AND you will receive tokens for answering questions correctly, which can be used towards entries for AWESOME PRIZES! Imagine— you could be a BIG PRIZE WINNER just for playing Trivia!

Then, there are the LIVE EVENTS each day at 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm ET where you could score 50 bucks just for answering fun and easy questions!

But, best of all, are the amazing categories! With 10 exciting categories to choose from, you’ll never get bored playing… but it can be quite hard to pick a favorite – so I’ve put together a quick guide so you can choose which ones you like best!

Here it is… a look at some of the best things about each Wincredible category….

Category 1: World

Imagine being able to see the world from anywhere! With Wincredible, one second you could be guessing which one’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa, then all of a sudden you have to identify the Golden Gate Bridge!

Category 2: History

A blast from the past is always a good time! It is quite fun to see if you could determine the difference between a 17th century poet and a former United States President!

Category 3: Food

It took me quite a while to tell the difference between a baked chicken and pot roast! But, by the end of the trivia round, I felt like a food extraordinaire!

Category 4: Animals

If you love animals, this category is perfect for you! With tons of puppy pictures and sluggish sloths, it is incredible (or should I say…WINCREDIBLE?!?)!  

Category 5: Science and Nature

This category is not all petri dishes and beakers, although that does make up some of it! You will also be guessing the difference between daffodils and dandelions, or even the life stage of a monarch butterfly!

Category 6: Business and Technology

I love this category because it lets you show off your skills by guessing the logos of your favorite cosmetic companies and the hottest designer brands! That shopping addiction could finally be put to good use!

Category 7: Home

Interior design is always cool, and mixing patterns with different materials can be awesome! Imagine guessing what each appliance is and what they are made of – with only eight seconds on the clock!

Category 8: Pop Culture

Wincredible lets you put your knowledge of celebs to good use by answering quick questions like what they appeared in and where they are from!   And if you make it to the top of the leaderboard, you could be a “celebrity” too — with your name in lights and a big cash prize!

Category 9: Sports and Games

It is absolutely crazy how poker chips from different angles could look just like checkers!  Go ahead take a look, see if you could be fooled too!

Category 10: Transportation

It is fun to test your knowledge on various forms of transportation! You could be looking at a street sweeper and genuinely think it’s a pickup truck!

Now that you know more about Wincredible, tell us… what’s YOUR favorite Wincredible Category? Let us know in the comments and remember to play Wincredible every day and collect those sweepstakes entries if you want to win big!

Have Fun, My Friends!

Brittany A.
PCH Creative Intern

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