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Who Will Win Today’s PCHlotto Life Is Rich Prize? Follow the Clues from the Road!

Greetings fans and friends!

The PCH Blog is a lot of fun to write, but the BEST posts are the ones where we get to update you with CLUES about where the Prize Patrol is going!

That’s right, today, October 3rd, is the day we get to award $1,000,000.00 in our PCHlotto “Life Is Rich” giveaway! We’ve been telling you about it for a while, and award day has finally come! Hopefully, you’ve entered to win this incredible PCHlotto prize … because I’m ready to tease your brain with some clues that can help you guess where the Prize Patrol is headed!

Our clues will be updated throughout the day, so keep checking this page!

Clue #1: The winner’s state has more than 2 syllables.

Clue #2: There have been no US presidents born in the winner’s state.

Clue #3:  The winner’s state is home to “The Rocket City.”

Clue #4: The name of the winner’s state has one vowel repeated four times.

Congratulations to Jason Lawler of Huntsville, AL, the winner of the $1,000,000.00 PCHlotto Life Is Rich Prize!

The Prize Patrol always gets asked “What happens if the winner isn’t home?” Well, this winning moment is the answer! When the Prize Patrol first knocked on Jason’s door he wasn’t home, but luckily his neighbor across the street was able to get him on his cell phone. As luck would have it, he was only a few minutes away from the house so Danielle and Dave were able to surprise him shortly after. Jason was absolutely shocked, in his words, “flabbergasted.” He just happened to leave work early and couldn’t believe what he was seeing at his door, and said “I never thought I’d really win!”

Jason was so stunned he couldn’t even think of what to use the money for, but did say he wanted to celebrate and go out with his friends tonight. He also told the Prize Patrol he has so much fun entering the sweepstakes he plans to continue entering!

Hey, if you’re not today’s big winner, I still have GREAT news for you – the winning never stops at Publishers Clearing House! There are always exciting ways for you to enter our next giveaway each and every day!

Matt “The Stats Man” for PCH

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