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How Would YOU Spend $1,000.00 A Day For Life?

I know I’d have my OWN ideas for spending that kind of prize … which, as a PCH employee, I couldn’t do, drat it all. But YOU can! So with our $1,000 A Day For Life Special Early Look coming up fast, TELL US:

What would YOU buy with $1,000 A Day?
THAT’S FOR LIFE — a prize that would pay and PAY.
You could spend like a sailor — anchors aweigh!
Tell us how YOU would spend a Thousand a Day!

Would you buy a BIG shredder — industrial grade —
To shred all your bills, ‘cause they all just got paid?
Buy yourself something shiny and new, like a
6-figure sportscar? (THAT’S cool to do!)

Would you throw a big party to celebrate LUCK
(Like winning a lifetime of daily big bucks)?
Or pack up your clan for an awesome vacation?
(First Class all the way as befits your new station!)

Would you redo your home, from the floors to the beams —
Or just buy a new one: the house of your dreams?
How about laptops — all top of the line—
For your kids or your “grands”? They’d like that just fine.

Would you reach out and help the ones you hold dear
(With your $Thousand A Day coming year after year)?
Pick up your Mom’s debt, buy a cool car for Dad?
Pay college tuition for a new high school grad?

Would you buy all the things that you’ve wanted to buy
Without checking the price tags? You could, and here’s why:
With a $1,000 a Day For Life you could spend
On “I’ve always dreamed” dreams for you, folk and friends.

So, send back lots of entries — every chance that you get. $1,000 A Day For Life
You could spend like a big shot and decimate debt
(Now if we don’t get a match, there’s a second-chance drawing
For a cool Million Bucks — someone’s definitely scoring!)

In a matter of weeks our Prize Patrol makes
A BIG PRIZE delivery. Do you have what it takes
To win $1,000 A Day For Life? Holy Cow!
Show us you do— ENTER RIGHT NOW!

(And don’t forget to jot your ideas down in the COMMENTS section below!)

Your devoted PCH Blog Lady,

PCH Creative

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