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Things I’ve Learned Talking To PCH Winners!

Hey Friends & Fans, it’s Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly from PCH here. You may know me as the interview guy here at PCH. I spend a lot of time reaching out to PCH winners, both new and old, asking them to tell me the story of their winning moments.

I still remember the first day I was asked to interview a winner. I love learning about people, so I wasn’t nervous, but I wasn’t sure what to ask at first. But over time (and interview after interview), I was able to figure out what questions get the best answers. So, here’s the questions (and answers!) that I’ve learned talking to PCH winners!

What Was Your Day Like Before The Prize Patrol Came?

This is my favorite question to ask, because every answer is different. Like how Mike Flaherty was hanging out with his stepson fixing a broken washing machine or how Holly Bloom was thinking of a conversation she just had with a psychic who said she’d win some money!

I ask this because I think it’s important to know where the winner’s head is at before we talk about their winning moment. It really sets the stage and tells us a little bit about the person whose whole life just got a LOT better!

How Long Have You Been Entering PCH?

This question is a really important one, because it reminds us about two things. First, that our winners are truly randomly selected, and ANY timely entry is just as valid as the next. You could be entering for years and years (like Carli Steffes) or only just started entering for a year or two like “Forever” Prize winner Ryan Hart. Second, it also shows the value of staying persistent and consistent. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to winners who say they have a daily routine of entering as often as they can. Talk about “stick-to-itiveness!”

What Are You Going To Do With The Money?

The question that people get asked right away! And sometimes, the answer changes, but other times it stays the same. Oftentimes, the Prize Patrol will ask the winner this right after giving them the “Big Check,” and the winner might hem and haw at an answer. It’s when I’m talking to them later that they are able to give an answer without the pressure. Answers of course vary, but what I’ve learned is that there’s no wrong answer to this one.

Everyone has some dream in mind. Whether it’s paying off bills, owning a home or car, finally being able to treat themselves, or helping those who are less fortunate, they’re all great uses of money!

I could go on and on about my experiences talking to PCH winners, and I’m so glad I get to keep chatting with them!

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about PCH winners that I haven’t covered in past interviews? I want you to let me know by commenting below!

Matt “The Stats Man” for PCH

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  1. Hi – Do the winners of the prizes enter several contests daily (all sweeps and lottos e.g.) or focus energy on daily entering one contest? Since you get more entries for higher engagement I am wondering how much time people invest on average that win over $10K. Do people win more than tokens on the scratchers? I started entering this year – maybe here and there prior to that. I had no idea there was more than one big prize a year!

    1. Hi Bonnie! We offer multiple ways to enter, but all entries, no matter how submitted, have an equal and fair chance of winning. Remember, it only takes a single entry to win big! Check out our FAQ to make sure you’re not missing out on a single one of your daily entries: We wish you and all our fans the best of luck!