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Who Wants To Become Our Next Big Prizewinner?

Tomorrow Is the Big Day! Who Are You Rooting For?

By this time tomorrow, someone WILL be named the newest PCH millionaire! Will it be you? Or how about this – if not you, then who would you really like to see win? Is it a close friend or family member? Perhaps a local schoolteacher or maybe a member of the clergy? Whether secretly or not, I believe we all want to win (even though I can’t! Boo!). However, nearly every winner I’ve come across agrees that helping others would be paramount among the things they do if they became a PCH millionaire.

If not you, then who?

So that takes us back to the big question – whom would YOU like to see become the big PCH prizewinner? Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish, so it’s perfectly acceptable if your answer is “me.” I only ask one thing – WHY? I’m really interested in knowing what y’all would do with a huge PCH win, so leave a comment and tell us why the money is so important to you.

Let’s look at this another way with a hypothetical question – if you were to win $1,000,000 or more from PCH but didn’t want to spend it all on yourself, what would you do? According to Psychology Today, these are five big reasons behind peoples’ urge to donate.

Why Spend Your Money On Someone Else?

  1. Trust – people are more likely to give to nonprofits they trust to use the money wisely
  2. Altruism – donors often cite the importance of helping those in need
  3. Social – people often give to causes that matter to people they know and care about (e.g., donating to cancer research because a loved one had fought the disease)
  4. Taxes – tax breaks for charitable giving are an important motivator
  5. Egoism – feeling good about yourself or looking good to others often drives donations

Similarly, many people avoid giving to charities because they believe they can’t afford it. Charities will tell you that every little bit helps and, besides, giving becomes a lot easier when you’re a PCH millionaire!

REMEMBER – Tune into the PCH Facebook Fan Page tomorrow for the PCH Pay Day special and to see who takes the “Big Check”!

Yours in winning,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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