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PCHSearch&Win’s 12 Days of Winning Event Starts NOW!

It’s that time of the year again, friends and fans! PCHSearch&Win is having its annual 12 Days of Winning Event, and this year, and it begins TODAY! This year, we’re awarding a grand prize of $12,000.00, plus over 585 other event prize winners!

After kicking off PCHlotto’s Black Friday Event, I’m excited to give you the scoop on this year’s 12 Days of Winning Event at PCHSearch&Win — aside from what prizes are at stake, what you can do to get in to win!

If you’re unfamiliar with 12 Days of Winning, it’s an annual tradition at PCHSearch&Win, four years running now. To start the holiday season, we guarantee to award hundreds of winners all sorts of different prizes and give exclusive entry opportunities to other major PCH giveaways. Every day of the event, winners are GUARANTEED – including today!

Then, at the end of the event, we’ll select a grand prize winner of $12,000.00! Wouldn’t that be an incredible way to start off the holidays? Can you imagine what your celebration would be like?

So how do you get in to win this holiday season’s premiere PCHSearch&Win event? It’s important to note that it is available EXCLUSIVELY via email – if you’re not signed up to receive emails from PCHSearch&Win, there’s no way for you to get in to win any of these guaranteed 12 Days of Winning Prizes!

Our very first mailing is going out today. If you receive our mailings, you might just see it in your inbox now! Once you open the mailing, all you have to do is click the “Search Now” button and then type in a search to get your entry in to win! (Be sure to search from every button to claim every entry to win!)

You can search for ANYTHING to claim your entries: from gift ideas to the best way to prepare a holiday ham — you could even look up the origin of the lyrics to the “12 Days of Christmas!”

What if you’re reading this a little later in the day and maybe missed the first 12 Days of Winning mailing? Unfortunately, most people won’t be able to enter to win if they miss today’s mailing (we’ll be giving a few of our most impressive searchers additional opportunities), but FRET NOT! There are events all throughout the year at PCHSearch&Win! Your best bet is to opt in to receive emails going forward!

I hope you’re on the lookout for a 12 Days of Winning mailing today — best of luck in the event!

Will F.
PCH Creative

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