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Victory in Virginia for $2,500 A Week For Life PCH Winner Joan Geringer

The Prize Patrol has had an amazing year surprising lucky winners all over the country and the $2,500 A Week For Life prize was the perfect way to end 2019! Howie and I traveled to Woodbridge, Virginia to surprise the lucky winner, Joan Geringer, on December 30th.

The day started off going extremely well (which doesn’t always happen). Everyone was on time with no travel delays, the media joined us for the exciting winning moment and we got all the props — flowers, champagne and balloons — without a hitch. We even met PCH fans while getting the balloons and flowers, which is always fun! We had our fingers crossed the whole time that the winning moment would continue to be as great as the morning…

…and it was!!! When the Prize Patrol knocked on the door, the winner’s husband David answered the door and his face said it all. He screamed to Joan to get her to come to the door and they both were overwhelmed with appreciation and shock. She was visibly shaking, holding that $2,500 A Week For Life “big check.” Joan said she’s been entering for over a decade and never won anything in her life before (well, THIS is the way to start!). Once the reality of the situation set in, she said she wanted to use the money for home renovations and a family trip to Hawaii! She also couldn’t wait to go out to dinner with the extra cash she got for being a VIP Elite!

Joan wanted people who have entered and haven’t won yet to “keep entering!” She truly never expected to win and said she’s proof that it can happen. And it’s going to happen big for someone again soon. The next SuperPrize is already open for entries so go to and start getting your entries in. The next “Joan” could be you!

The Prize Patrol can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!!! Good luck, everyone! ❤

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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