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Why Just Search When You Can Search&Win?

Hey there, friends and fans!

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the digital age is that we have the vast majority of human knowledge at our fingertips at all times. Whenever you have a question about anything, you can just take out your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop and find out the answer, all regardless of the question! Whether it’s directions to a new restaurant or the value of Planck’s constant, you can go to any search engine and learn something new…and why not make that search engine PCHsearch&Win?

Like any other search engine, PCHsearch&Win can be used to find information on the internet. Unlike any other search engine, when you search at PCHSearch&Win, you get in to win prizes when you search — prizes that include the $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize, GUARANTEED for award on February 28th! In case you’re new to the world of PCH, if you win the “Forever” prize, not only will you receive $5,000.00 a week for life, but after that, someone you choose will continue to receive those same weekly payments for their lifetime!

But that’s not all you can win at PCHSearch&Win! We have cash winners every day, not to mention there are special events hosted throughout the year guaranteeing other big prizes! By searching every day, who knows what fortune could head your way!

And it is really THAT EASY — all you have to do is log on, type anything in the search bar, and click on the search button, and that will get you in to win!

You may be wondering, “Are there any words or phrases that make me more likely to win?” Nope! Search for whatever you want — “DIY home repairs,” “best weekend getaways,” and “Hamilton tickets” will all have the same odds of making you a winner, and will all turn out some excellent results, so you can really use PCHSearch&Win to get in to win a fortune and to do some productive research!

What are you waiting for? Search now!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Let us know what you’re searching for in the comments below to maybe help inspire your fellow fans!

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  1. I have only ever won a couple hundred dollars in LasVegas before, It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around well winning anything more then that. But sense I started playing on at PCH I really enjoyed daydreaming about it ‼️