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With so many games apps out there, it can get confusing which ones to download. Luckily, I’ve got the downlow on the downloads! PCH apps are multitaskers – not only are they fun, but they have tons of cash-and-token-winning opportunities! Here are the 4 best apps you need to download now!

ONE: PCH Quizmania App. Quizmania is the right name for this app. Everyone loves taking quizzes and different ones are always trending. Our PCH Quizmania app is similar, but it’s better! Here you’ll get rewarded for playing trivia by scoring tons of tokens every day. These tokens can then be redeemed for chances to win different PCH sweepstakes! Yes! The PCH Quizmaina app is loaded with fun and excitement, and you may even become a trivia genius in the process! So, play today and every day and tell your friends to play too! Visit PCHquizzes.

TWO: The PCH App. PCH fans are absolutely obsessed with this app. It’s all about winning cash. You could win millions with just a tap while playing Vegas-style slots AND you can play AND WIN on the go. The PCH App has all the fun and winning of PCH but there are also certain benefits exclusive to the app. There’s a daily prize giveaway, extra entries to the PCH SuperPrize, big token rewards and more! This one is a must – if you don’t already have it, download it now! Visit


THREE: PCH Slots App. Play FREE slots anytime, anywhere with the PCH Slots App! Big cash opportunities, tons of tokens and endless fun are in store with this exciting app. PCH slots games are like real Vegas-style casino games. They are bright and colorful and super exciting. You can compete in tournaments for Cash and tokens, unlock exciting opportunities for real prizes, and prizes are guaranteed to be awarded every single day! The PCH Slots App is one of the best apps to download if you want flashy excitement and big win opportunities. Visit PCHslots.

FOUR: PCH Lotto App. Why is the PCH Lotto app one of the best apps to download? Well, you can win REAL money and instant rewards while on-the-go with PCHlotto contests, jackpots, and nightly drawings! There are hundreds of winners all day, every day, and Lotto app players get double token rewards! The PCH Lotto App is recently new and improved, too. More Chances to win and even more awesome cash prizes! Visit PCHlotto.

So, there they are – the 4 Best Apps You Need to Download Now! You can find PCH apps on Apple and on Android. My suggestion is to download them ASAP if you haven’t already. From PCH headquarters in Jericho, NY, this is Tina P signing out! Have an app-tastic day!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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