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Are You a Quiz Lover? Play Free, Fun Quizzes at PCHquizzes!

Hello, everyone! Remember the good old days of school and taking Math, Science, English and History classes? I know everyone has their favorite subjects and mine was always English closely followed by History. That’s why when I went to PCHquizzes to check out the quizzes they had, my eye instantly went to the “Can you Pass Literature 101? Level 1” quiz. It was an instant throwback to my high school and college English classes! I knew nearly every classic book the quiz asked me about and it was so easy, free and fun to take! Plus, after I finished the quiz, I got some tokens to add to “My All Time Tokens” collection! (This was all for fun, by the way … as a PCH employee, I don’t get the opportunity to use my tokens to go for prizes like you fans do!)

There Are Fun Trivia Quizzes!

The quiz I took was in the Trivia section of PCHquizzes. But the Trivia section doesn’t just have English and literature quizzes — there are nature quizzes about flowers and trees as well as food quizzes, and even quizzes that can guess your education level! So, it doesn’t matter if you’re an English lover like me or not, there are so many different types of quizzes to choose from!

Test Your Travel Knowledge!

Under the Travel section there are lots of free, fun quizzes where you can earn tokens as well! There are quizzes about different birds and foods pertaining to different regions to test your travel skills. Do you really know the Capitals of Asia or different Japanese Dishes? If you think yourself knowledgeable about the world, then the Travel quizzes will be sure to challenge your brain in a good way!

These Are For You, History Lovers!

The History quizzes section is great for a History lover like me with quizzes about American history where you guess what decade historical events happened in as well as naming different actors or icons! I personally love Greek mythology so one of my favorites is the quiz: “These Gods Were The God Of…What?”

Calling All Of My Animal Loving PCHers!

Any animal or pet lover will be sure to fall in love with the Animals section at PCHquizzes. There is so much variety on the types of animals these quizzes cover — from quizzes about South American animals to butterflies, there’s a free, fun quiz for every type of animal lover!

Try Any Featured or Trending Quiz!

If you’re not sure what quiz to take, DON’T PANIC! PCHquizzes has a handy dandy “Featured Quizzes” as well as “Trending Quizzes” feature where you don’t need to choose a category, and you can just click on any quiz you think looks interesting. This way, if you don’t feel like taking a category specific quiz, the Main page of PCHquizzes has you covered!

Happy quiz taking!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Let me know your favorite quiz from PCHquizzes in the comments below!

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