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Interview with $1 Million PCH Winner Garry Goddard!

Have you ever thought about giving up entering at Publishers Clearing House? Well Garry Goddard thought about it…and then he became a PCH winner of $1 Million!

Here’s his winning moment:

Garry is a retired heavy equipment operator, working hard out on loaders, hoes, and dozers for over 30 years. And like many folks his age who are PCH fans, he first started entering many years ago through the mail.

“I sent in forms years and years ago,” he explained. “But then I saw it on the internet. I entered there…and I play on my phone. But I got tired of playing…and then a week later the Prize Patrol showed up!”

Garry went on to say that he kept at it because he just enjoyed entering.

“Well, I didn’t figure I’d win—I was just playing! Everyone I talked to, they sort of doubted [about PCH].”

But even with some doubts, Garry didn’t stop dreaming about what a big win could do for him and his family…dreams that are now a reality!

“Oh, my gosh, the things we could do. Live a little better than what we are, after retirement. And for the kids, put some money away.”

Garry and his wife still run a working farm at home. They have hay that they plan on bailing soon, along with several cows and chickens who take up a lot of time. He shared that the money will help make doing these daily chores a lot easier!

“You’re living on a fixed income, you have to watch what you spend money on!”

But it’s not just necessities that are on Garry’s mind. This PCH winner is hoping to take some time off and go exploring his state.

“We’ve never had a vacation. I think we’re going to take a little vacation and do some traveling around West Virginia. My daughter got me into camping, so I was thinking about doing that.”

Garry can hardly believe his win, and plenty of people in his life found it nearly unbelievable too!

“I’ve got relatives. They didn’t believe that it was real. But oh yes, they all say they’re entering now. And when I brought the [first check] to the bank, they thought I was pulling their leg!”

And of course, the final question I asked Garry was what he had to say to other people who are still entering:

“Oh, I’d say keep on a playing! You might get lucky!”

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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