Brad Paisley Presents… The American Relief Sweepstakes

Are you a fan of American country singer-songwriter Brad Paisley? Could you use $10,000.00 cash relief? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. PCH has a new sweeps, and it’s a big one! Brad Paisley presents the American Relief Sweepstakes, and $10,000.00 is Guaranteed To Be Awarded!

If you like the country songs “Letter to Me,” “Whiskey Lullaby,” and “This Is Country Music” amongst a zillion others, then you know who Brad Paisley is, and you’re a fan. Well, here at PCH, we’re fans, too, which is why we’re so excited to have teamed up with him to bring you the American Relief Sweepstakes. Because let’s face it, we could all use a little financial relief about now, right?

Brad Paisley Presents The PCH Great American Cash Relief Sweeps

OK – there’s a lot going on with this contest, so let’s dig in. First, like the sign says, we’re giving away a grand prize of $10,000.00 CASH, which will be Prize Patrol delivered on August 6th! That’s next month!

But wait – that’s STILL not all. We’re not going to allow only one person to win time with Brad in this sweeps. That would almost be cruel! We know so many of you would be green with envy – especially the ladies. So, we will also choose up to 50 lucky “ticket” winners, who’ll win a video chat with Brad Paisley on August 5th! Zoom calls are all the rage right now – and winning cash is ALWAYS in style at PCH! But Brad isn’t just going to shoot the breeze with y’all. He’ll be giving away cash prizes, too! That’s a double win in one!

We can’t emphasize enough how excited the PCH team is to have our lucky fans meet Brad Paisley, and how thrilled we are that a lucky winner will receive the $10k very soon!

What do you guys think of all this? Which part of this sweeps would you like to win most? Tell me. Or maybe you feel like giving Brad a shout-out? Feel free to send him a message in the comments below!

Just so you know, you’ll get all sorts of American Relief Sweepstakes notifications and reminders in your PCH, PCHlotto, PCHSearch&Win and PCHfrontpage e-mails, so make sure you keep an eye out. And if you’re not signed up for e-mails, well then sign up, of course! The entry deadline is 7/31, so jot it down if you need to and make sure you’re in to win!

As the good ol’ American sweepstakes leader, we’re thrilled to present a country music contest like The American Relief Sweepstakes with Brad Paisley – and we hope it’s as exciting to you as it is to all of us here at PCH. It’s going to be so much fun – I’m really looking forward it. Good luck, everyone, and I can’t wait to see some new proud American winning moments next month!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. Hello,I recieved a message from one of my Facebook cotacts that said a agent named brian for PCH relief sweepstakes was trying to reach me.when i texted him he asked me if i was married,my income,my email,and to send him a copy of my driver’s license. Is he with the PCH team or is he a scam? I didn’t receive a notic frim you.please respond.kristine

    1. That is definitely a scammer who contacted you! PCH will never send friend requests, private messages, or winner notifications via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc; we also never ask for money to claim a prize. Do not give this person any personal information and certainly do not send them any money!! Instead, report them to PCH by completing a Scam Incident Report. Here’s how: Check out this FAQ for info on how to stop scammers from contacting you on Facebook: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!


  3. To bad I missed it my husband got laid off because of the covid. I clean houses. I broke my foot and can’t get it to heal because I need to keep working and we still are not going to be able to make our rent or any of our utilities. But if I ever were to win something I would be forever grateful and I would pay it foreword

  4. Pch Search and win, Search now#7/7( #7 of 7 total),I want to claim and enter to win $15 ,000.00 GWY #14701 award on 8/31/2020

  5. PCHSearch&Win Search Now! #1/1 (#7 of 7 Total) – As a VIP Elite 30+ (several times over), I claim my entry of today to “Win $15,000.00. PCH Gwy. No. 14701” on August 31, 2020.

  6. I always dreamed of winning the house they giveaway every year and gkt myself almost believing I actually gonna win it felt good for awhile but after a few years I had to cone back to my senses haha but it was nice dreaming . Thats all I ever wanted in life as far as material things cause having a home of your own just knowing nobody could ever kick u out or if u dont have money for rent just the stress alone is a nightmare and not to have to worry would be a blessing there would be no reason why you couldn’t make it then esoecially these days which ot took me to be 53 and thrown into a divorce I never chose or wanted after 25 years and the funny thing is I waited til I was forty to even marry him . Well let me rephrase that we been together for that long was with him 15 years before we married which I was his 3rd wife and let me tell u im q walking testimony of how my life turned out and what people just don’t know nor understand how easy a persons life can go from the top to rock bottom and all the people even ur own family u thought u knew all the ones u helped and gave when u had it to give i was always a giver and put everybody before myself and everything that could go wrong went wrong my life was like a nightmare my mother got sick had to be the one who tried to take care if her which was partly the cause of me losing my marriage and my husband wasn’t supportive and I love my mother deeply i always had to be the one who made sure she was OK and helped her in any way I could but they didn’t take the time nor seem to care but hated me for doing it and caused so much drama and torture in my life to the point they ruined my life my husband changed to the point I lived with the man for so long I didn’t even know this side of him cut me off in an instant he cam love one day and hate u the next . I bought out first home in my name had a great job went back to school got my p&c license and became an insurance agent . Its amazing when u come from growing up with my mother raising 4 kids and we moved alot got picked on over your clothes u wore so I have to say I was proud of myself and finally got myself the life I always wanted which like I said it seemed like nothing I mean nothing I did or would do ever worked and hubby of coarse could never handle stress so he would always run away leaving me with all the bills but I always took him back and now I’m 53 and he went back to his first wife whom he hated so so many years which she left her husband of 24 years to go back to him like I said I was his 3rd wife and he got me thrown off his moms land i had quit my job due to our choice because we had a grandson to raise which he even has him at the moment and he is my life and I have cried many many nights because I’m losing him and his trust I have been telling him Nana is getting us a house and made them promises and its going on 2 years now and I still don’t have a house . People have no idea j mean no idea how my heart has broken i lost my first grandma by in 2012 ro sids at 28 days old the first time my daughter took the baby from house to go stay the night with other grandmother is when she passed i knew when my phone rang that next morning til I didnt even want to answer it i had that feeling when she was pregnant and knew God was preparing me . And that’s how we ended up raising her second child which was a son channing which i love so so much after my daughter lost Avana that was her name Avana Maddison Ryan she never bonded with her second child it really damaged my daughter and me for awhile but had to go on she still is effected by it but doing better . But let me tell u I could write a biography with a testimony that just keeps going and going there is so so much more til it would take a week to describe the life I been through and u wander why ….??? I always gave i love to make people happy I always put myself last and got saved so tried to be as good as I could im far from perfect and I try to recognize my faults and pray for guidance and be a decent person and try my best to treat people the way people should be treated and this day as I sit here and write all this im laying in a motel bed with my son on the other side which we were sleeping in his car so this is a blessing . Then the Corona virus happened and right before it did i had gotten. Sick and lost ten pounds a week for 2 weeks thougjt I was dying i was so sick got through that last Christmas which for the first time in my life I spent alone thats when I realized everybody I had surrounded my life around even famiky I didn’t know I had never ask them for anything and always been good to them all and not one of them would help me at all not that I ask but I have pride and shouldnt had to when they knew well of coarse they knew they were pat the cause of me being in this situarikn they made it happen so there u go I list my vehicle due to having to take a title loan had only 2 payments left and thats when I got sick been behind alot further than I was when they came to get but they sold it illegally I had money to pay it but they sold it the same day they had a tow man pick it up and sold it to him and post dated the title which is illegal they were suppose to give me ten days i lost it and they sold it for 4t0 bucks first time i had ever been without a vehicle and first time i have ever been alone and never realized how hard it was and how high it is to rent anything these days I havent had to rent in forever so didn’t know it was this bad just an old ficer upper trailer to rent is 7 to 8 hundred a month and the pay is so low I don’t understamd how anyone could afford to rent without help its crazy and I never got to court with husband due to Corona I fell into a deep depression. For awhile and been trying so hard to snap out and I do from time to time but my husband hasn’t given me one single thing found out he sold his land bought him a house which she is living in which should be my house since we’re still married and im thrown out like a dog and then to have nobody not nobody to even call and get a ride to the store. I never wanted a divorce because I try to do what God wants us to do but that didn’t work and im out here with this disease he has my grandchild which is my real blood and he is stepgranddather and I ended up without my baby thats a big reason he hasn’t helped and will not help is because of channing wanting to live with me he does that baby but so do I and im so broken because j have ean out of options and there isn’t anything I cam do to get in a place there sure isn’t any help here in the town im at none at all at least none ehat I tried i akways been told there is a year waiting list so don’t understamd at all i have worked and never needed nor ask for help and when I do there is none. I look everyday online for a fixer upper i dont even care what ot looks like as long as it can be made into a livable home there isn’t anything. And this year my baby will be s tr acting school I have missed out on 2 years and what’s worse and what really really hurts me is when I start thinking about him and remember about 6 months ago I went to my husband’s shop me and son to get my sons car and went to put my baby into my husband’s vehicle and when I went to buckle him up I looked at his face oh boy I knew I was gonna tear up it breaks my heart so so so bad when I looked at his face his lips started quivering never seen him breakdown ever til then and when i seen a 3 year old my baby do that u have no idea how much that hurt me that hurt me worse than any man would ever and still haunts me when I think about it people think kids are stupid or they don’t have feelings or care but let me tell u i know how he thinks I know his faces what they mean and this child was hurting inside that night which caused me to break down with him and again I go and tell him his nana was gonna get him a house so he could come stay with me . I will nwver ever forget that and whats worse is I have said that to him so many times he has lost faith in me and I can tell im loaung him due to telling him so erring r hats not coming true he doesn’t understa.d why i can’t get a house so he thinks nana doesn’t love him anymore it was getting to where i was getting distant too from my phones not working or thwm breaking i mean it was not good luck at all alone with the rest all i know is im without a ride and home for the first time ever and the only thing I strive for is my baby and I dont know how much longer I can bare to go without him or want him thinking I just have him away and nana doesn’t love him my daughter told me the last time I got to go see him he said to my husbands future wife does that mean my nana loves me i wanred to cry but also it seems to me they were trying to make him think i didn’t love him anymore because I wasn’t able to go see him or talk to him as much because of all the bad luck anyway i could go and on and on with this nightmare and im so sorry and don’t know why I’m even writing all this to someone heck it might not even be q person anyway it feels good to let it out i have nobody to talk to and no friends all i want is my baby. If this message does get to a person please im not asking u for money im just asking thats this message gets read enough to where if we all pray hard enough for me to be able to get even a shack so I cqn finally tell my grandson nana got us a house if i could ever ever get to say those words to him would be the biggest blessing in the world for me to him . Nobody will ever know how it feels or what to say back to a child when they say nana when are u gonna get us a house but he doesn’t even ask that anymore whixh tells me he has lost faith. And thinks I don’t love him anymore . So please please please help me pray the more prayers we have the more likely God will hear it please please pray for us so we can be reunited again thats all i wanted a home so I can take him to church and fix his room up like the galaxy he has always been interest in the moon and wanted to fix his room like that put stats on his ceiling that glow in the dark i would give up a leg or arm just to be qble to do that for him . Please pray I know i sound so desperate but he is worth all my pride and thwn some please pray if somehow everyone would donate one dollar if enough people could do that that would work but prayers i know will work please get this message out and if u pray God will let u know every word I said is the God’s Honest truth this life of mine is real and just hope I didn’t write all this for it to just get deleted I hope it reaches someone . Thank u and have a blessed day sincerely Shelia Skeens