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What Would $7,000.00 A Week For Life Mean To You?

Hello everyone, can you imagine living a life with no financial worries? You wouldn’t have to stress over where you’re going to get the money to pay your next bill! Or you could easily afford that new car you’ve needed for a while now. Well then, I have some great news for you!

As most of you probably already know, our amazing $7,000.00 A Week For Life sweepstakes that’s authorized for award in August’s special early look event is CURRENTLY going on! That means if you’ve already entered, there’s still time to get even MORE entries in. It also means if you haven’t entered already, don’t worry, you can still enter right now! In fact, you can get in to win this millionaire-making prize all the way up until the deadline of August 26th! With only a month left to get your entries in, what are you waiting for?

So now the big question of this blog post is: What would $7,000.00 A Week For Life mean to you? Would it mean paying off your mortgage or credit card bills? Or helping out the community? Maybe after becoming financially set for life with this life-changing prize, you would finally be able to help out your family and friends! After you’ve covered the essentials like food, insurance, utilities and mortgage, wouldn’t it be so nice to be able to help out the people in your community?

Perhaps $7,000.00 A Week For Life would mean that a trip around the USA is in your future. If you’ve always wanted to visit another state or attraction like Niagara Falls for example, $7,000.00 A Week For Life could make that possible! Wouldn’t it be SO NICE to be able to go on a trip without having to worry about the gas, food, or hotel costs? A trip without any financial worries? Yes, please —count me in!

Now that I’ve brainstormed some ideas for you, I want to know from you all: What would $7,000.00 A Week For Life mean to you? Do you think about being being debt-free, helping out the community or taking a trip? Or would $7,000.00 A Week For Life mean something completely different to you? Let me know in the comments! Your ticket to securing that financial freedom starts with entering to win $7,000.00 A Week For Life, so don’t forget to enter!

Good luck!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If an entry with the matching winner number is not returned on time or is ineligible, there will be a Second Chance drawing — and all eligible numbers will get in to win a guaranteed $1,000,000.00 prize!

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  1. If I would win it would be so great for me and my 4 children. We could move out of my mom’s house and I could buy us the home we have been longing for so long.

  2. It would mean the world to me. It’s been a hard few years my daughter had cancer then remission. Then my wife same thing and at the same time. I lost my Best Friend and Dad. Now My liver is failing! A win like this would mean everything.

  3. Winning $7,000.00 a week for life means – a change of life for everyone in my family. Teeth for those who need them, a home for those who have none. And a vacation to those who have never had one. That’s why I work so hard here. For me and my husband it means a big 50th anniversary vacation along with bringing our family together, and taking care of each other. Giving support to mental illness, and drug use, and homelessness. What a blessing it would be to win this money. And I know that not everyone can be a winner, So I am ready for whatever is right for me. It’s all good, I feel blessed and am grateful for being alive and this opportunity, Thank you PCH.