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Watch the October 31st 2020 PCH SuperPrize Winning Moment – Extended Cut!

Hello everyone! Today, I’m so excited to share with you some never-before-seen footage from our October 31st 2020 SuperPrize PCH Winning Moment — Extended Cut! In this video, watch as Howie delivers a life changing SuperPrize to Chuck O, and watch the incredible reaction with Chuck’s family!

Watch the video right here, and then keep reading!

I don’t know about you all, but watching this PCH Winning Moment video was so fun because of all of the behind-the-scenes! If you could be the next winner of a PCH prize and the Prize Patrol came to your door, would the outside of your house look like Chuck’s? Or do you live in the suburbs? Or an apartment?

I always love finding out what the winners are going to use their money for. Chuck told Howie he wants to pay off some bills. I’m sure that’s something we all can relate to!

Wow, I really loved watching that Extended Cut! Good luck entering and keep the faith!

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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  1. If I won I’d pay off my dads house so he can enjoy his golden years he has had to go back to work at the age of 68 delivering for Door Dash cause his mortgage has been raised to 1900 a month. Crazy. But I want nothing more than to take care of my parents and not have to see them worry and stress in their late years on this earth. ??Praying for a miracle ! Good luck everyone.

  2. My son is in remission from cancer and my husband got fired from his job December 31 2021 because he did not receive the covid shot but me I have back problems so I can’t really work.

  3. Drums rolls please, And The super prize winner for October 31, 2022 is….?
    PCH Prize Patrol Team, wake up, it is time to hurry and get the balloons, champagne, and flowers ? ? to my place. KALLABONGA BONSAI?
    For this I THANK YOU thee in advance. I’m truly grateful for all thy blessings upon my life.