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Best Car Sweepstakes to Enter

Winners are made every day here at Publishers Clearing House. From daily cash giveaways to sweepstakes for cars, you never know when or what you might win when you enter PCH contests.

For instance, just days ago, we traveled out to Idaho and surprised Gary L. with news that he won a brand new Ford Bronco Sport. Not only was Gary and his wife elated but he had some advice for other PCH fans:

“Hey, you know what they say…you can’t win if you don’t enter! Take a moment out of your day. That’s all it could take – that’s what I do. You got nothin’ to lose!”

Great advice, Gary!

On that note, we decided that now was a great time to give some of you a helping hand in potentially becoming our next big car sweepstakes winner by highlighting our best sweepstakes for cars currently running.

But first, let’s go ahead and take a look back at some of the previous car sweepstakes Publishers Clearing House has run.

Previous PCH Car Sweepstakes

If you’ve never entered one of our car sweepstakes, you are missing out on the opportunity to win the ride of your dreams. However, if you win and already drive your ideal vehicle, you can also choose to take the cash value, which means you will end up with a fantastic prize no matter what would suit you best.

Over the years, dozens of people have PCH truck giveaways and sweepstakes for cars. Taking a look back at the PCH 2020 car sweepstakes winners recap, we gave away six vehicles to six lucky winners, with an average cash value of just under $58,000.

While 2020 was a standout year in terms of the number of people we had win car sweepstakes, our 2021 PCH car sweepstakes winners recap shows that we had another seven devoted Publishers Clearing House fans win our F150 giveaway and various other car sweepstakes!

If all of this has you excited to possibly become the next big PCH winner, then check out these amazing car sweepstakes that are going on right now!

PCH Car Sweepstakes #1: Win a Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Of the best-selling sports cars in the United States, the Ford Mustang tops the list. This car has decades of American history at its back and a bright future ahead with its latest iteration, the Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback.

This version of the Ford Mustang features a 2.3L high performance EcoBoost engine, a remote start system, and loads of other fantastic features.

If this sounds like a car that you’d like in your driveway, then you should enter to win the Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback from PCH. But don’t wait too long, because the entry deadline is April 18th, 2022!

PCH Car Sweepstakes #2: Win a Ford F-150

If trucks are more to your liking than cars, PCH has just the thing for you. Right now, Publishers Clearing House is running not one but two ford F-150 giveaways!

Until June 28th, 2022, you can enter to win a fully loaded Ford F-150, which carries a whopping cash value of $65,549.

If you wish, you can also enter the Ford F-150 Platinum PCH truck giveaway. The cash value of this beauty is $65,655.

No matter which truck is right for you, be sure to get your entry in before the June 28th, 2022 deadline!

Enter to Win a Vehicle from PCH

Those are a couple of the best car sweepstakes that are going on right now.

Each of them provides you the potential to drive away in a stunning, powerful new vehicle or walk away with tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.

Tell us, which of these car sweepstakes do you think is most exciting? Which of these will you be entering? We can’t wait to read your responses below.

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