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Collect Tokens With Fun PCH Quizzes!

We know you love tokens–it’s part of being one of our PCH fans! And there’s no better way for you to bank tokens that with these fun and interesting PCH quizzes. Not only that, taking these quizzes can get you entries into some great sweepstakes offers! So what are you waiting for? There’s literally thousands of tokens at stake! Just pick your favorite category (or all of them), and have at it. Enjoy!

Prove Your Historical Expertise With These Rewind Quizzes

Can You Name These People Who Changed The World? — Recorded history is long, so of course there have been a ton of fascinating figures who left their mark on the pages of history. But how well do you know those men and women? Who first achieved manned flight? Who helped India achieve independence from Britain? Who won a Nobel Prize for his lifelong work to end apartheid in South Africa? Who refused to move to the back of the bus?You’ve heard of every one of these historical figures, but can you identify each of them from a picture?

Was This Person A Famous Author Or A Famous Athlete? — Look, I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of trouble telling my Mark Twains from my Mark Spitzes; which one won all the gold medals and which one wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, again? I’m sure you’re a lot smarter than me, though, and you didn’t have to go on Wikipedia to learn Lou Gehrig did not, in fact, write War and Peace, nor did Ralph Waldo Emerson start at center for the Toronto Raptors. Although let’s be real, Babe Ruth’s RBIs And Prejudice would be pretty interesting.

Try Not To Get Distracted By The Cute Animals In These Pawsome Quizzes

Are These Sea Creatures Real Or Fictional? — Joseph Conrad once wrote: “The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.” Along with that restlessness has come almost infinite mystery; there’s still a ton we don’t know about the briny deep. That’s why there are so many mythological creatures that supposedly dwell in the ocean. Are you able to sort fact from fiction in figuring out which sea creatures are real and which came from the fevered imaginations of superstitious 18th century mariners? (Hint: sharks are real, but Jaws definitely isn’t.)

Do You Know West Virginia Animals? — Ahhh, the Mountaineer State. West Virginia is known for being “Wild and Wonderful,” and for good reason: it’s chock full of forests, rivers, valleys, mountains, and all the animals that go with those biomes. It’s true that all states have a variety of wildlife, but West Virginia really is special here. But can you name a whole bunch of those animals from just a picture? Can you tell a northern cardinal from a timber rattlesnake from an American black bear?

These Passport Travel Tests Will Spin Your Head (Around The Globe)

Can You Identify This UNESCO World Heritage Site? — The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been working to establish and safeguard historic sites around the globe since the 1950s, when Egypt and Sudan first asked them to help preserve artifacts at risk of being submerged in a dam flood. Since then, they’ve established over 1100 natural and cultural (human-made) heritage sites, and they’re located…well, pretty much everywhere. You probably know a whole lot of them just from a picture — so how about you prove it with this quiz?

In Which City Is This Historic U.S. Landmark? — Here’s the thing: the U.S. really isn’t that old compared to most countries. Compared to a nation like China, the United Kingdom, Russia, or Japan, the U.S. kind of just got here as an independent nation, not quite even hitting 250 years yet. Despite that, though, there are a remarkable number of landmarks scattered throughout the U.S. We also have so many major cities that each one can’t help but have at least one notable landmark. Are you enough of a geography buff to tell which site is in which American city?

Offbeat Quizzes Can Be Anything And Everything

Do You Know These Fried Foods? — It’s one of those weird humanity things, but any time people have access to oil and some sort of grain product, they seem to default to “hey, what happens if we fry this stuff?” Considering the universal answer is “it becomes delicious,” maybe it’s not all that surprising that nearly every cuisine on the planet seems to have figured out a way to fry something. Fried foods are tasty as heck, whether it’s a fried meat, vegetable — you can even fry ice cream or coca cola if you believe in yourself enough. But can you name all of them from a picture?

Do You Know Your Flowers? — I’m not big on nature, generally. I see a bunch of trees all near each other and I start to think they’re plotting something. But even I can’t hate on flowers; beautiful, sweet-smelling, colorful flowers. Who could hate flowers; they brighten up your day whether they’re inside or outside. So do you know flowers from a picture? This one is even more fun because it’s true or false!

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