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How Can I Level Up At PCH?

Want more rewards from the time you spend entering and playing at Publishers Clearing House? You’re in luck because there’s a fun, easy way for you to take your PCH experience to the next level! And the answer is to – literally – take your PCH experience to the next level.

By leveling up at PCHrewards, you make yourself eligible for MORE – more money for topping the daily token leaderboard, more daily welcome tokens, more prize opportunities and, well, even more! Just check out the chart to see what moving up to the next level can do for you!

More Tokens!

Collecting tokens can actually get you more opportunities to collect tokens!

One HUGE benefit of leveling up is the number of Welcome Tokens you can bank. Welcome Tokens are the tokens you bank just for visiting a PCH site each day. That’s right – you don’t have to do anything but visit one of our sites, including PCH.comPCHkenoPCHlottoPCHsearch&win, and PCHfrontpage.

Just take a look at the difference between the Platinum Level Welcome Tokens and the next level up, Emerald. You collect an extra 4,000 tokens just for logging on! Yeah, we’d say that’s worth it.

More Prize Opportunities!

If you’ve been a PCH fan for any amount of time, then you know the drive to amass tokens is because of what they can bring you at the PCHrewards Token Exchange – and that’s more prize opportunities. Just like the PCH VIP program, certain rewards are reserved for the most active and very best fans. So each time you level up, you’ll have access to more prize opportunities!

Some prizes are only available once you reach a certain level

So How Do I Level Up Quickly?

You probably already have your favorite ways to bank tokens on PCH, but in case you didn’t know, here are a few of our favorites:

  • take a quiz for up for 4,000 tokens (and bragging rights about how smart you are)!
  • join our survey community to take fun surveys and collect tokens while you’re at it!
  • read an entertaining and educational slideshow for a quick 1,000 tokens – or keep reading for even more!
  • play some games! (My favorite is the 60-second word finder!)
  • Search&Win whenever you need to search for something online!

Stay tuned to the PCHBlog for more ways to collect tokens and level up!

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