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How to Take Surveys and Get Tokens with PCH Surveys

How to Take Surveys and Collect Tokens with PCHSurveys

There are tons of websites online where people can get paid to take surveys. While doing so won’t make you a millionaire, it is an easy way for folks to earn rewards. But did you know that Publishers Clearing House offers something similar to our fans?

That’s right! Sharing your opinions through PCHsurveys can earn you tons of amazing rewards like additional contest entries, tokens, and so much more.

If you aren’t already familiar with PCHsurveys, now’s your chance to get acquainted and get in on the action!

What are PCHsurveys?

PCHsurveys is one of the newest ways for Publishers Clearing House fans to gain rewards by simply sharing their opinions about the products and services that companies offer through Publishers Clearing House’s vast marketplace of goods.

Not only will providing feedback through PCHsurveys earn you sweepstakes entries and collect tokens, but it will also help to influence and improve the products and services these companies offer.

Talk about a win-win scenario!

How to Take PCHsurveys for Prizes

If you are interested in taking PCHsurveys for prizes, you’ll be glad to know that there are a variety of ways to answer questions and give your feedback including through the PCH app, website, and via email. That said, the quickest and easiest way to start taking PCHsurveys is by clicking the “Surveys” tab on our website.

If you complete just three surveys in 30 days or less and are opted into our email program, you can then start receiving PCHsurveys directly to your email inbox, providing your tons of new opportunities to get rewarded to take surveys.

How Do PCHsurveys Work?

When you start a new survey, you will be asked several quick pre-qualification questions to ensure that you are a good fit for that particular questionnaire. If you are, you will then be redirected to a third-party website where you can take the survey. After you are all done with the survey, you will be sent back to the PCH website.

Any survey you take will have one of three different outcomes:

  • Complete: This simply means that you have completed the survey and will receive the promised rewards.
  • Not a Fit / Not Eligible: If you receive this message, it indicates that you are not a match for the survey, based on the answers you provided to the prequalification questions. Just like when you complete a survey, you will be sent back to the PCH website. However, you won’t be coming back empty handed, because we will still provide you with a portion of the reward for your time spent.

What is the PCHsurveys Rewards Program?

While taking surveys for prizes is already an exciting proposition, we also offer a PCH rewards program that will help you earn even more rewards.

Depending on how many surveys you complete within a seven-day period, you could achieve one of several different statuses, which include:

  • Influencer
  • Influencer Pro
  • Influencer Pro+

Best of all is that you don’t need to do anything other than take surveys to achieve one of these statuses, as you will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate tier for your level of activity.

If you want to know more about what you can earn, check out our PCHsurveys rewards program benefits page for a full breakdown of each tier.

Give Answers and Win Prizes with PCHsurveys

PCHsurveys is one of the quickest, easiest, and most helpful ways for you to earn rewards with Publishers Clearing House. If you have any questions that weren’t answered above, be sure to visit our PCHsurveys FAQ page.

Are you interested in PCHsurveys? Are you already answering these questionnaires? If so, what tier have you achieved? Let us know in the comments below!

Start taking PCHsurveys Today!

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