SuperPrize Winners Deserve Supersized Celebrations! What Would You Do If You Won?

Greetings, PCH Fans!

If you didn’t already know, here at PCH we love nothing more than making our fans BIG winners. With all kinds of instant win and Superprize  and other exciting awards from PCH, we’re always giving fans a chance to join our growing family of winners. With all these chances to win each and every day, have you ever stopped to think about how you would celebrate if the Prize Patrol came knocking on your door?

Honestly, fans I couldn’t even imagine how exciting it would be to win a life-changing prize! Unfortunately, PCH employees like myself are not eligible to be big winners (bummer), but the good news is that ALL of you are! So even though I can’t technically win the big Superprizes we have to offer doesn’t mean I haven’t dreamt about the ways I would celebrate winning ALL that money. Hey, maybe reading this list below will even give you some more ideas on how to celebrate!

The first thing I would do (after getting over the initial shock, of course) would be to take my entire family out for a huge celebratory dinner and cocktails. I’m not just talking about my immediate family either! I would include all of my closest aunts, uncles and cousins (and I have a pretty big family) and enjoy a delicious multiple course meal at a fancy restaurant. I’m really big into spending time with the people I love so this would be the absolute first thing on my list.

My second celebration would consist of paying off my current, everyday car and splurging on a weekend car that my husband and I could enjoy taking on trips to the beach and on vacations! The choices are tough here but I think I would either go for a fully loaded blue convertible Mustang or a bright red Camaro.

Lastly, I think I would talk my husband into renovating/expanding our current home or even purchasing a secondary vacation home out on the east end of Long Island. The possibilities are endless!

So, blog readers, what do you think of my list of celebrations? How many of you have similar dreams to mine? Luckily those dreams could become a reality for you by entering every single day in every way you can.

Best Of Luck!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative


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  1. If I won I would pay all my bills and debt and get what I would want then invest some and donated some to the people around my community thank you pch

  2. I’d Pay Off All My Debts. Put Away Money For My 12 Grandchildren. Give Money To My 3 Adult Children My Mother And 2 Sisters For atheir Families.I’d Give Money To Cancer Researchers To Find A Cure For This Epic Killer CALLED CANCER Especially The Childrens House Of St. Judes.Help The Homeless And Our Veterans Provide Food And Shelters. Doing These Things Makes Me A Millionaire The Money Provides The Resourses

  3. If I win SuperPrize $2.6 Million Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life I would:

    1) Buy me a Home.

    2) Buy me a Vehicle.

    3) Put money in the Bank on my account.

    4) Help out Family/Friends

    5) Donate to Charities.

    6) Take a Vacation.


    8) Go Shopping

    9) Pay off debts

    10) Live life to the fullest.