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Who Will Win $1,000,000.00 From PCH Today?

Greetings, fans and friends! If you’d like to become today’s PCH’s winner of a $1,000,000 SuperPrize, say “I do!” Oh, I hear a lot of “I do’s” out there! From the east coast … to the west coast … to the heartland of America and every place in-between, ALL of you would like to become […]

The Prize Patrol Is Awarding A Prize – Do The Clues Point To You?

It’s May 12th, and the Prize Patrol is excited to award a big prize to a brand new winner! What’s the prize? It’s $46,470.00 to use towards a brand-new Lincoln Corsair Reserve So that means it’s time for another edition of “Clues From PCH”! We hope you entered in time, because we’re definitely having a […]

Just Who Will Be Our Big PCH Winner Today? Follow The Clues!

Today, April 27th, is one very special day! I’m sure most of you know why! Today, one very fortunate individual will join the PCH Winners Circle as the recipient of a life-changing $1 Million SuperPrize! WOW! We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, adventuring to the winner’s […]

Today, ONE Winner Will Be $1 Million Richer! Follow The Clues!

Today is no ordinary day! Do you know why? Today, one lucky winner will be the recipient of the June 30th $1 Million SuperPrize!!!! WOW just say it out loud – ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Sounds pretty nice, huh? We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, traveling to […]

Just Who Will Win $1 Million Today?! Follow The Clues!

Greetings, PCH fans and friends! Today is a special day! And I’m sure most of you know why. Today, April 28th, ONE LUCKY WINNER will be receiving a knock on their door by the PCH Prize Patrol! That’s right – today someone’s day will get a whole lot better, because they will be receiving a […]