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It’s a new year and there’s a new SuperPrize in town … and it’s guaranteed to be awarded on February 28th. I wonder who the winner will be. Will it be you? Will it be someone you know? Who wants to become the 1st PCH SuperPrize winner of the year? If the answer is YOU, […]

Meet Eddie Hargraves, Our Newest Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner

When we surprised Eddie Hargraves of Oklahoma City, OK, on January 14 we must have knocked his socks off.  Not just because we were delivering a Big Check worth $1 Million, but because he came to the door barefoot — in a t-shirt and shorts ready to take a nap. “How ya doin’ today?” we […]

Meet Toby Moore, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” (August 31) Toby Moore was at home on a lunch break from his nearby office when there was a knock on the door.  A package delivery?  A salesman?  But wait!  He saw balloons! roses! cameras! two guys in blue blazers!  It was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol […]

$1 Million Winner Paula Sullivan Speaks Out!

When Paula Sullivan retired from 21 years of service as a Registered Nurse, she was hoping to take it easy. Well, life just got a whole lot easier, because on April 27th she was our new SuperPrize winner of $1,000,000.00! Paula isn’t your typical SuperPrize winner, as she had actually been expecting the Prize Patrol […]

October’s HOT With Prize-Action: See Who’s Winning at!

Wow, what a month! October really sizzled with prize-action at PCH, as we awarded thousands of dollars in cash prizes to our daily winners, PLUS a millionaire-making fortune to our 10/13 SuperPrize winner. Let’s see who’s winning at and find out how you can get onto the PCH winners list next month! First, […]

Meet Martha Fryar, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner

People are always asking the Prize Patrol, “We see you knock on doors.  But what if the winner isn’t home?”  Well, we go to “Plan B” and ask neighbors if they have any idea where our winner might be. That’s what we attempted when no one answered at Martha Fryar’s house in Fairmont, West Virginia.  […]