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SCORE! Today’s Tournament Game is Tri Peaks Rush!

SCORE! Today’s Tournament Game is Tri Peaks Rush!

Get ready, PCH fans … you’re in for a treat! Today’s game tournament is Tri Peaks Rush – and it’s one of the most popular, challenging, and addictive games we’ve got! Imagine this: you’ve got a mountain of cards standing between you … and ultimate glory. Think fast, because it’s your job to clear the […]

August 24th Carniball Tournament Promises Fun, Prizes & Tokens!

Gather ‘round everybody. Step right up and play a classic amusement park game. Have FUN!! Earn TOKENS! And maybe even WIN PRIZES! Sorry, I just got carried away. I’ve been playing Carniball at PCHgames, getting ready to play in the exciting Tournament tomorrow (8/24). Carniball has all the fun and features of Skee Ball, but […]

PCHgames – 52-Card PickUp One-Day Tournament, Win $1,000.00 Cash!

PCHgames could turn your playtime into paytime! We’re inviting all of you to go to PCHgames now – and we do mean now – and join our 52-Card PickUp One-Day Tournament! And, get this – Top 10 scorers will receive up to $1,000.00 Cash! That’s right – cash!! So join the fun and score high […]