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“Winning Moments” Are Hard to Predict

“You never know” are words you hear applied in many situations: in the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, finance, human relations, even weather forecasting. We Prize Patrol’ers “never know” either and have given up trying to predict what will happen when we leave PCH headquarters to deliver a Big Check.  You think that a winner […]

A Marathon Of PCH Prize Deliveries & Winning Moments

By now you probably know about our Million Dollar SuperPrize surprise presentation to Rory Bellamy of Cleveland, OH on Friday, November 30.  What a thrill that was for him – and for us. But the days leading up to to November 30 were almost as thrilling for four other families as the PCH Prize Patrol […]

Happy Prize Patrol Moments From Small Towns!

People always ask me “What was your favorite ‘winning moment,’ or the funniest, or the weirdest?” Among the hundreds of Prize Patrol trips I’ve made it’s nigh impossible to select one or two stand-out winning moments. I tend to recall the visits that either produced the most dramatic video or the ones when we arrived […]

Ready To Party? Our Winning Celebration Is Weeks Away!

ARE YOU READY TO PARTY? You heard me! Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May), and I want to know if any of you blog readers have Cinco de Mayo celebrations planned. Don’t hold back! I’m sure some of you are planning on cooking up a storm for this day that celebrates Mexican […]

The Prize Patrol Surprises Big Winners on The Price Is Right

[tube][/tube] If you’ve been tuning into The Price Is Right on CBS this week, then you know that the Prize Patrol and I have been busy making appearances on the daytime game show! The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol recently made a trip out to Hollywood to film a week’s worth of The Price Is […]