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Publishers Clearing House complaint resolution and all customer inquiries are handled with care by our PCH Customer Service and PCH Consumer Affairs departments.


Publishers Clearing House has been in business for well over half a century and in that time we have evolved and expanded from a sweepstakes-driven magazine company into a multi-channel direct marketer.  Along with our famous sweepstakes and unbeatable magazine offers, PCH presents a wide selection of unique and appealing products – – both online and through the mail.  Our well-known Prize Patrol van is easily recognized as it regularly travels throughout the country awarding prizes and making dreams come true. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also offer an array of engaging websites that provide you with multiple and fun ways to play and win, including,,, and  All of these endeavors have contributed to making Publishers Clearing House a trusted and welcomed household brand.

Each week PCH engages in hundreds of thousands of transactions with consumers from coast to coast who respond to our online and direct mail offers.  As a company that has pioneered several leading consumer protection programs in the area of sweepstakes education and protection, we have always placed the care of our friends and customers as a top priority.  With a friendly group of specially trained customer care representatives, we are readily available and standing by to assist any consumer who needs additional help. These services are all part of our comprehensive SweepSmarts® Consumer Care Program, where we are just a step away and at your service.  Whether the inquiry is for you, a close friend or regarding a relative you may be caring for, you can contact us toll-free at 877-3SWEEPS (1-877-379-3377).

We handle all PCH customer inquiries, whether they are requests for winner information, billing assistance, order confirmations, or even a Publishers Clearing House complaint resolution if we fall short of providing full satisfaction.  And, this is just one part of our overall commitment to assist consumers.  At PCH we’re proud to partner with consumer regulators and organizations working to fight scam artists who may be using the Publishers Clearing House name illegally in an attempt to deceive.  To further work towards the interest of consumers, our senior management team works closely with leading consumer groups, including acting as Chair of the Ethics Committee for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), participating on the Board of Directors for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP), and working as active partners in a number of leading consumer protection organizations, such as the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA) and the National Consumers League (NCL).  You can search online at PCH Search and Win to learn more about these organizations.

All of these efforts simply mean that when you choose to respond to a PCH offer you can be assured that we are here to stand behind our offers and provide any assistance you may need, even if it’s a PCH complaint resolution.

If you, a family member or a friend, wish to contact us – – you may call us toll-free at the above number.  Or, simply visit the FAQ section on our website and click on the Ask Us link, where your email inquiry will be met with a courteous and prompt response.



Margaret Crossan

PCH Consumer Affairs Department

P.S.  If you haven’t entered your answer in the “Help Prize Patrol” tab on the PCH Fan page, you should do so now! Here is the Lucky Check with this week’s answer.

398 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Complaint Resolution at Your Service”

  1. Recently evidently I hit some of the “offered products and gifts” and and this mistake has appeared as though I have ordered something. I have not and will not order any products as we are retired and in late 70’s !! By mistake as I was roaming your Website, I must have hit some “Product Entires” and an order has shown up on my account. PLEASE DELETE THIS AS I HAD NOT INTENTIONS OF ORDERING AND DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE POSTAL SYSTEM TO RETURN A PACKAGE THAT WAS ORDERED BY MY MISTAKE.
    Please send me a message that this has been canceled. I will try to be more careful when I am scanning and enjoying your PCH Site.
    Many thanks,

  2. I have written you several times and have been very nice reguarding treatment from tri-peaks score keepers and its been like talking to a rock from the moon. tonight I played 50 games on tri-peaks and never got one score. I’m always being harrased buy them because they know I don’t like tobe cheated. I know I won’t given any points because doing the right thing just isn’t in you. I sure hope they enjoyed themselves and daneille says in her literature just play to win tokens and thats what I do, I’m not interested in that stupid friendship stuff that people I will never meet or are not reel players anyway. one player played four days in a row and won three of the four days and one day had over 500 top scoring games, and Im lucky to get 50 in one day. I would like to just be able to log on to tri-peaks and just play without being harassed.

  3. Jamia Jones says:

    I have played the instant-win games multiple time. On the football game, that ball should have went inside that Loop multiple times but it never does, it always hits the side. I picked up the money bag a couple of times in the coin dropper and I’ve never been able to get the money to all the way come out. This is the third time I picked up the money bag and had them drop it back in but everytime I pick up a coin box they send me the coins. Why can’t I get the money bag when I pick it up.

  4. Sandra says:

    I have played ever winning token game there is an and still have only scored 106,000 tokens I have figured that to get to over 200,000 after all that effort I would have to play one of the token games at least 400 times. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way possible to get to over 200,000 tokens.

  5. Donald Knox says:

    I’ve been playing games and being rewarded with tokens. At one point I had over 400,000 and decided to use most of them for an ipad. This was not the first time that I used tokens to get something, but to no avail. It appears that PCH is just a scam. I plan on not playing anymore games to win tokens because that is all you are going to get anyway.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Donald, our Rewards Token Exchange is just like any other sweepstakes entry. You are exchanging Tokens for entries into the giveaway of your choosing – this is not the purchasing of said items. With our winners selection being totally random and unbiased, we never know who our next winner could be. That is why we urge all of our patron’s to enter in as often as they can for a chance to become a winner with PCH. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

  6. Maggi Reiman says:

    I have moved. I can no longer use your site because it WILL NOT allow me to change my address. I have tried. It says my new address (I’ve been at for OVER one year) isn’t valid. I can’t fill in my contact information either.
    Maggi Reiman
    409 Mill Creek Rd
    Cove, Oregon

  7. charlotte ives says:

    please instruct how to return a wrong item shipped – not my error. can i get a prepaid postage sticker to return this incorrect shipment?

  8. what happens when the wrong item was shipped? will they send me a prepaid sticker so that i may return the wrong item? i’d still love to have the original item i ordered.
    i ordered a garden cart, i was sent a grocery cart.

    thanks for a reply

  9. playing tri-peaks games is like playing army against isis. It like a war game and you have to play against very dishonest people who are in it for the pleasure of stealing your tokens, stalling games, stealing scratch-off card scores or giving you mostly low token counts , oops sorry, having aglitch and stealing your token count and never giving you a seconnd chance to get them back. By stalling games for one hour at a timeor by having a hard time by logging on to game sights. Its suppose to get better the more you play but for me the more I play , the more tokens I score or the higher you rate me the more I get harrased. I want it stopped and Margrett your job securety should be in danger.

  10. Robin Harrell says:

    I have been playing since 2012. And lately the new games are landing on either a $5,000 dollar prize, or $25,000 dollar prize, but all I get is tokens. And when the tokens are added to my tokens, they are not giving me all of my tokens, just half of what I landed on. I want have faith that my family and I could live a better life. But now it feels like it will never happen. I’ve given up all

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