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Finding $20,000 Sweepstakes Winner Pat Ticknor Was A Trek!

Wisconsin Rapids is a truly beautiful city in Wisconsin…the Prize Patrol would know because we drove around it for 3 hours looking for our lucky $20,000 sweepstakes winner Pat Ticknor!  With the local newspaper following the Prize Patrol van in 15 degree windy and snowy weather, we had hopes of a smooth running winning moment.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Pat Ticknor was not so easy to find!   

With the giant $20,000 Publishers Clearing House check, balloons and flowers in hand, the scarf and glove wearing Prize Patrol trekked through the snow to knock on the winner’s door.  Little did we know that the first house our GPS navigated us to was the wrong house (sorry neighbor)! Luckily, she was kind enough to steer us in the right direction only a few blocks away.  Finally, we found the correct house, but with no car in the driveway we began to worry.  After a few minutes of persistent knocking and doorbell ringing (the doorbell played the song Jingle Bells!) we decided to find a neighbor for help.  Neighbor #1, not home…neighbor #2, not home…neighbor #3, NOT HOME!  Luck was clearly not on the Prize Patrol’s side on December 1st

 With little hopes of finding our $20,000 winner, an online sweepstakes participant, before we needed to return to the airport, the group returned to her house prepared to leave the roses, balloons and oversized Publishers Clearing House check on her doorstep for when she returned home.  Just as we were leaving our present, my boss found Ticknor on LinkedIn, an online business networking site, and said she worked at U.S. Cellular.  Back in the car, we followed the local media to our last hope!

Finally, US Cellular!  We’d made to it the winner…so we thought.  Can you believe that Pat Ticknor was working at a different store that day?  Thankfully, a co-worker Trisha Moody acted as our accomplice, telling Pat she needed to return to this store immediately.  In the meantime, her husband Tony Ticknor returned home to find the Publishers Clearing House Balloons on the doorstep.  He was stunned since he had no idea his wife even entered the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes online!  Luckily he was able to make it to US Cellular in time to join us for the big surprise. 

Nearly 3 shivering hours later, there she was…SHOCKED to see the Prize Patrol standing in her work place holding a $20,000 check with her name on it!  “Oh my gosh,” she kept saying. “I can’t believe it!”  When asked what she would do with the money, her husband Tony chimed in saying “buy me a Christmas present!”.  The couple was humble, kind, loving and truly deserving of the money. Congratulations Pat and Tony Ticknor!

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