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What Are You Doing Today at 3PM ET?

I’m so excited! In just hours, will host its first-ever LIVE CASH event drawing where a $1,000.00 cash prize winner is guaranteed.

I think I’m especially anxious because this is PCHlotto’s first LIVE CASH event. I can’t wait to see how the winning moment unfolds!

I must confess, my favorite part of playing state lottery is watching the live drawing. “Well, yeah, of course! ” you’re saying to yourself. “That’s when you’d find out if you’re a big winner!” And, guess what — you’re right!

So, I’m not surprised that PCHlotto has added the LIVE CASH event drawing to their site — the drawing is where all excitement and drama is!

For me, at drawing time, I sit eagerly perched on my otherwise cozy chair in anticipation of each number slowly rising from the air tank to make its way around, then down into an almost-too-narrow tube — spinning and spinning until it reaches its final destination, then stops.

That’s when my heart starts racing *thump thump-thump*, my eyes go straight to my numbers scanning my ticket for a match – “YES!!” I shout joyfully, “I’ve got one!”

The tension builds as a symphony of numbers follow, each coasting down the clear, winding maze with timed precision — one by one — until the last number joins the others in a perfect row. Now, the search for a winner has begun.

But, today’s drawing will be even more exciting. Why, you ask? Because not only will we search for a winner, we’ll DEFINITELY find one! That’s right — we’ll continue drawing numbers until we have a match.

I can’t wait to see who the lucky $1,000.00 CASH PRIZE winner will be. See you all there, at, today at 3PM, ET!

Happy Fall everyone!


Online Creative Dept.

P.S. Don’t forget — Saturday, October 1st starts the next LIVE CASH event at PCHlotto — make sure to play every day from 10/1 – 10/14 to maximize your chances to win on drawing day!

Psssst – are you looking for the Lucky Check? Look no further because this week, the Lucky Check is here on the PCHblog. Go to the PCH Fan Page to submit your answer!

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