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HIGH FIVE to our Redemption Center winners!

Redemption Center

In the month of March, a whole LOT of people – from coast to coast – came out to play at and came away with fantastic prizes, everything from cash and gift cards to brand name electronics!

Okay, you terrific winners: step up and TAKE A BOW!

Catherine A., Bradyville, TN

William N., Kenai, AK

David L., Morgantown, WV

Pam M., Carson City, NV

Nancy D., Manalapan, NJ

Marissa L., Lakeside, CA

Deanna W., Festus, MO

Donald C., Buchanan, NY

Wendy S., Dartmouth, MA

Anne R., Acton, MA

Miriam A., Dearborn, MI

Donna S., Hampton, VA

Rebecca F., Kill Devil Hills, NC

Amirali N., Denver, CO

Eugene B., Jacksonville, FL

Lance G., Cheyenne, WY

Rob H., Simi Valley, CA

Cindy B., Rogers, AR

Ronald K., Cleveland, OH

Thomas M., Flushing, NY

Tim T., Bainbridge, GA

Patricia E., Tampa, FL

Win W., Gainsville FL

Debra C., Virginia Beach, VA

Gail F., Long Beach, CA

David H., Sitka, AK

Cindy O., Medaryville, IN

Matt T., Cherry Hill, NJ

Margaret M., Jersey City, NJ

Rebekah S., New Castle, PA

Paulette M., Oakland, CA

Hey … wouldn’t YOU like to get in on all the fun – and maybe see YOUR name on our Redemption Center Winners’ List next time? It’s a snap!

The first step is to get yourself registered at It’s fast and it’s free and you’ll get a “starter set” of 1,000 game tokens. (That’s the “virtual currency” you can redeem only at and PCHGames for chances to win exciting prizes at our Redemption Center.)

PCH Redemption Center

Then … head on over to and have a blast. Enjoy our entertaining, instant win games or our awesome Scratch Central games for a shot at more tokens! You’ll rack up MORE game tokens with every game … and 100 tokens every day you enter our stupendous Sweepstakes, too.

Finally, you’ll take ALL your tokens and bring them to our Redemption Center for the chance to WIN BIG!  Look at all the folks above who won in just one month alone – why not you??

Time to get your game on NOW and come play with us at  It’s a great way to relax and have fun …  and go for all the amazing Redemption Center prizes that we must absolutely give away!

So this month, play to WIN, my friends!

Marybeth H.,
Creative Department

P.S. Have you checked out today’s Play&Win blog? My colleague Matt has a special VIDEO BLOG with tips and tricks that will help you master Tri-Peaks Solitaire just in time for the game tournament!

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