Avoid PCH Scams With Helpful Hints From Danielle!

Hello everyone!


It’s Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol. I just can’t say it enough — I just love our fans!  I want to make sure you can quickly identify PCH scammers and protect yourself. So I recorded this short video on how to avoid PCH scams! I hope you’ll watch it and share it with your friends!


Avoid PCH Scams! Three Helpful Hints To Know And Remember!

1.  We never call ahead to notify our big PCH winners in advance. If you win a Big Prize from Publishers Clearing House, you’ll know when we arrive at your doorstep with flowers, balloons and a “Big Check” — we’d never spoil the big surprise!

2.  The Prize Patrol and I never send Friend Requests or Private Messages on Facebook — that’s the truth!

3.  Most important — you NEVER have to pay a cent to claim a prize from the real Publishers Clearing House!  If someone asks you for money to cover supposed “taxes” or “fees” on a prize — stop! It’s a scam.

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re all about making dreams come true. In just a few weeks, the Prize Patrol and I will hit the road again to award an exciting SuperPrize to an unsuspecting winner — maybe even $7,000.00 A Week For Life! Keep entering, because we could be knocking on your door.  Until then — and always — remember these important scam prevention hints!

All the best!


Danielle Lam
Prize Patrol Elite

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