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Keep The Faith — Another Big Prize Event is Around The Corner!

keep the faith

Hey there loyal fans! Looks like spring has finally sprung! This time of year always reminds me of new beginnings, when the world seems to come alive after a long and dreary winter. The colors, sights, sounds, and even the air, feel fresh and new.

Could be there’s a new sense of hope out there, too! In fact, I’ve been inspired by reading some of the comments posted by our blog readers, and I can tell that a lot of you have a strong sense of hope and faith. It’s amazing how strongly we can hold onto our dream and keep on going, no matter what. Especially when we really want it to happen.

Even though others might think we’re crazy to dream of things beyond our grasp, there is surely a lesson to be learned about the power of perseverance and faith. And it’s comforting to know that maybe our children or grandchildren will be inspired by our will to succeed.

As you all know, staying strong and keeping the faith can be really hard! And I know that when the going gets tough we could all use a little inspiration, something to lift our spirits. I would love to share a little poem I wrote that might just help with that. Even though I wrote it some time ago, I still wouldn’t change a word!

 Keep the Faith

Feel free to print this out for yourself  to hang on your refrigerator or wherever you can see it as a reminder to keep on believing no matter what!


Positive Thinking Pays Off!

Don’t just take it from me. Take it from those lucky PCH winners who walked away with

One Million Dollars by keeping the faith and entering every chance they got!

Before winning her Big Check in 2011, Karen Anderson had been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for many years, even though her husband poked fun at her. Turns out she was the one laughing all the way to the bank! Her $1 Million from PCH came just in time. She had just lost her job and needed the money for medical expenses in the following years. “I always tell people that I am eternally grateful to Publishers Clearing House for the blessing they’ve given me. Everyone needs to enter — keep believing!”


How about Gerard Rivera? He saw the Publishers Clearing House commercials on TV, went online to check out the sites, and started playing PCHlotto. He ended up with a $1.25 Million prize and says, “To everyone that’s out there, keep trying … just keep dreaming! Dreams come true!

 It Could Be Your Turn To Win Soon!

Bet you’re all getting excited about our upcoming SuperPrize Event! As you all know, the Prize Patrol is ready to give away $7,000.00 A Week For Life in this Special Early Look event this April 30th. The countdown is ON! There’s only 8 days left to enter!


This is really the time to stay focused! As Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam says, the only way to win it is to be IN IT! DON’T GIVE UP! Keep the faith and keep entering the PCH Sweepstakes every day.

Enter today, enter tomorrow, just enter as much as you can! Good luck to all of you!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

P.S. Do any of you have special sayings that help you remember to keep the faith? Please share them in the comments section below!


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