Stay Smart About The “Heartbleed” Bug With PCH!


Dear PCH Friends,

With all the recent news about the “Heartbleed” bug, we want to make sure to keep you as informed as possible.  It is, after all, a serious issue that has made many websites across the internet vulnerable by affecting “Encryption” — the feature that keeps your email, banking, shopping passwords and communications private.

You can rest assured knowing that we have no evidence of any breach on our Publishers Clearing House customer accounts. But to be safe, PCH and many other Internet companies have already updated their servers with a software patch to fix the issue.

And there are steps you can take to help protect your information, too.  As a precaution, security experts are warning all consumers who interact online to change their passwords for ALL sites they transact with.  This is an especially good idea for high security services like email, file storage, social media, banking and other financial institutions.  Changing your passwords just makes sense … and it only takes a few seconds … so make sure you play it safe!

An online search for the term “Heartbleed” can provide you detailed and updated information about this vulnerability and the steps the online community has been taking to address the issue.

If you have any questions regarding your account, please visit our Customers Service FAQ page.

Thank you,

Matt K

PCH Creative

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