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The Prize Patrol Gears Up for the April 30th SuperPrize Event! Where Oh Where will they be heading?


Prize Patrol getting ready

Not only are our loyal PCH fans ecstatic about tomorrow’s SuperPrize event, but the Prize Patrol Elite team themselves are SUPER pumped to hit the road yet again and award this special prize to a LUCKY winner! That’s right – the Prize Patrol team is ironing their suits, packing their bags, and gathering all necessary paperwork for tomorrow’s adventure!

Hi again! If you don’t know me already, my name is Dillon, and I’m the newest member of the Prize Patrol team! As a “newbie,” it’s really fun for me to take a step back and watch the Prize Patrol prepare to do what they do best…AWARD BIG CHECKS TO LUCKY PEOPLE!

Last week we announced the results of our Special Early Look Drawing, and we’re all so happy the Prize Patrol will be awarding ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I mean, really – can you imagine the Prize Patrol ringing your doorbell and handing you a Big Check in your name for $1,000,000? Danielle, Todd and Dave truly love what they do, and no matter how big or small the prize is, it never gets old for them!

As you probably already know – we will be giving fun hints and clues starting TODAY and going into tomorrow! You can start following Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook today to see if you can guess where the Prize Patrol is heading! And don’t forget to come back to the blog tomorrow for new clues that will be updated ALL DAY LONG! The clues on the blog will be different from the clues on Danielle’s Fan Page – so be sure to follow BOTH! We may even show you some behind the scenes photos and videos as the hunt for our lucky winner ensues!

How does that sound everyone? Comment below and tell us if YOU’D like to see the Prize Patrol at YOUR door tomorrow! How would you react if Danielle, Todd and Dave surprised YOU tomorrow?


Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department

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