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Watch Out! Scammers Are Targeting PCH Fans On Facebook


There is nothing we care about more than the safety of our fans. That’s why we are always doing everything we can to educate our fans on how to avoid scammers. One way that scammers target PCH fans is through our PCH Fan Pages on Facebook. For more information, please check out the video below.


We love connecting with our fans on social media but remember to stay safe! These tips will help you:

1. You NEVER have to pay to claim a prize! At PCH, winning is always free! So if someone asks you to pay taxes or fees to claim a prize, you’ll know right away that he/she is a scammer!

2. The Prize Patrol will NOT send you a friend request or private message on Facebook. The Prize Patrol loves to interact with fans on Facebook, but only through their official Fan pages. You can follow the official PCH and Prize Patrol Fan pages here:

3. The Prize Patrol will NOT contact you through Facebook if you’ve won. In fact, the only way the Prize Patrol will contact you if you won a major prize would be by surprising you at your door! PCH never contacts winners in advance, especially not on Facebook. If someone contacted you on Facebook to tell you that you won a prize, this is a scammer.

For more information, visit our Fraud Protection website.

Stay safe PCHers and I’ll see you on Facebook!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

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