Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Tells You About Her Week!

Hey Dan-Yellers!

We always think it’s fun to find out some interesting facts about the Prize Patrol members — don’t you?! Especially when it’s about things they normally wouldn’t share with people unless someone asked! …So with that being said, Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite had some time to sit down with me to answer a few fun questions about herself and her workweek. Take a look at her answers below!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Danielle better! Do YOU have any other fun questions for Danielle? Comment below with YOUR questions!
Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department

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  1. I believe I was being scammed from someone posing to be Daniella lam they told me I won and gave me a choice of having it delivered with three prices the lowest being 450 after u pay that they tell u u weren’t suppose to tell anyone then tell u you have to pay 2000 that’s when I decided to stop being scammed