Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Tells You About Her Week!

Hey Dan-Yellers!

We always think it’s fun to find out some interesting facts about the Prize Patrol members — don’t you?! Especially when it’s about things they normally wouldn’t share with people unless someone asked! …So with that being said, Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite had some time to sit down with me to answer a few fun questions about herself and her workweek. Take a look at her answers below!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Danielle better! Do YOU have any other fun questions for Danielle? Comment below with YOUR questions!
Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department

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  1. Good morning Danielle, how’s the weather in NEW YORK! it’s just been raining down here and now the lower part of my yard looks like we have a pond! if I can ever get the well re -drill and put in a new purification system. so we can finally get good clean water Yes I am still in it to win it and very much need to win or we will never be able to afford the repairs to the well and water purification system. and we hope and pray to see the pch prize patrol showing up in Florida. this would really help and save us! please pch prize patrol come to Florida. we do not want to live this any longer! if we can get the well and water purification system all fixed. we both want to sell our home and move over on Sparta road and build a new home near our son and grand daughter. and be on city water and do not have to worry about well problems again our house and yard 2 acres is big and we are not able to keep up with all the maintenance. we just need to down size. and fence the yard for our dogs. VIP ELITE win $1,000,000.00 Gwy.No. 19990. win PCH $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! GwyNo. 19500. Oct.31st Double the prizes! Double the winnings! GwyNo 19990. Win $10,000.00 To Explore The Great Outdoors GwyNo. 18023. Win $10,000.00 For The Ultimate Fishing Experience GwyNo.20029. win $15,000.00 For An All American Road Trip GwyNo. 18023. win PCH $25,000.00 Towards Gas & Groceries GwyNo. 18023. win PCH $1,000,000.00 To Live The Great American Dream 10x GwyNo 19990. win PCH $10,000.00 For Your Dream Sports Experience! 10x GwyNo, 20029. cash to the RESCUE! win $100,000.00 cash GwyNo.18023. win $500,000.00 Towards Your Dream Home GwyNo, 19990. win $10,000.00 For Your Loyal Companions GwyNo.20029. win $75,000.00 To Eliminate Your Debt! GwyNO. 18023. WIN $200,000.00 For Your Dream R.V. Gwy.No. 18750. win PCH Slotomania $25,000.00 The Ultimate Jackpot Gwy.No. 18023. win $10,000.00 & Unleash t The Loot Gwy.No. 18023. I David with a timely entry I am hereby claiming full eligibility rights to my unique prize number{s} to be issued from this notice. I would like and love to win prizes that are listed. also can have all my unique number{s] placed on the winner selection list. so I can have a chance at winning or I can never get our house well re drilled and water purification system replaced. I really need for the PCH prize patrol to come to Florida or I can never afford to fixes our well system!!please guys I need help! to get this all paired. I do not know what else to do! thank you very much, for your help!

  2. Hi Danielle I have no questions I no you travel a lot you see the world making people happy that’s great have a nice day

  3. hey, Danielle how’s your day. I read some of the blogs from people and it breaks my heart knowing they are barely getting bye! with health issues and cannot afford things. it does tear at my heart. well I am back and still in it to win it. and I want to win I also has problems that need fixed and i want to win. I want to win vip elite $1 million gwy.no.19990. and win PCH vip $1 million gwy.no. 19990. win $5,000 A Week Forever 5x entries gwy.no. 19500. win $1,250,000.00 for your dream home gwy.no.19990. win $500.000.00 to your dream home gwy.no.19990. win $250,000.00 A Year for Life & never work again! gwy.no. 19500. win $15,000.00 for an all American road trip gwy.no.18023. win $25,000.00 towards gas & groceries gwy.no. 18023. David you have also claimed 5x enties to win $5,000.00 A Week Forever! gwy.no. 19500. AND WIN PCH Prize Patrol Award $1,000,000.00 jack pot at stake! gwy.no. 19990. I AM CLAIMING FULL OWNERSHIP AND Eligibility rights on all prizes listed and also to have all my unique prizes number{s} transferred to be put on the winner selection list so maybe I can win and get my home fixed plus get our lives back on track! I still have so many things I want to . and we really need to win and yes it would be a true miracle. if the pch prize patrol showed up at our home! wow, it would be a true blessing! so we are hoping to see you! my wife said she hoping you come, she wants to go to Denver, to see our grand daughters birth around Christmas day! she will be our second grand child. also I would shock my son Derek, he would also get the $5,000 A Week Forever! this would be a truly, a great moment in our lives with him as a new father he works hard to pay bills this would help him so much also he and his wife can purchase a home! I know how hard it was when we started out and he has always been a great son and helps others, just a great person!

  4. GOOD AFTERNOON, Danielle it been hot and muggy down here in Florida my dogs will not go outside because it’s to hot for them. well I am still it to win it and i really want to win it! I STILL have hopes and dreams, plans!. I have alway wanted to have a cabin on the mountain top or on the side of the mountain with a great view. around the the Johnson city Tennessee area just for the family to hang out, relaxs have fun. oh, when are your prize patrol going to show up. wow, I want to win and my wife. has said, show me the dang money now! and i better get busy and win the pch money because she’s flying to Denver before Chrismas that when my other son DEREK wife is having our newest grand daughter, and if I WIN Derek will be getting checks as well. and we really want and need to win so bad. now my wife has said win it all! I have major shopping for our grand daughter and she said there getting spoiled and i am back entering the contest I David H. is want to win all prizes listed win $5,000 A Week Forever. gwy.no. 19500. win PCH #1 PRIZE Certificate for $25,000 cash gwy.no.18022. PCH#2 Prize Certificate for$100,000 cash gwy.no.#18023

  5. I believe I was being scammed from someone posing to be Daniella lam they told me I won and gave me a choice of having it delivered with three prices the lowest being 450 after u pay that they tell u u weren’t suppose to tell anyone then tell u you have to pay 2000 that’s when I decided to stop being scammed