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Tell Us, What’s Your Favorite Part of the Dream Life Prize?

Win It All

Let’s face it. We all have dreams. They inspire us to work hard toward achieving a better life, for ourselves and those we love. Sometimes using our imagination to think of a brighter future can help renew our hope and faith and keep us going.

Well, our fans now have something really big to imagine — winning an incredible prize that combines the best of both worlds into one. We’re ready to award both a lump sum payment upfront AND the financial security of a lifetime prize in our Special Early Look Event on June 30th! Yes, you could truly WIN IT ALL!

Of course I’m talking about our exciting Dream Life Prize, a prize that includes all the ingredients for the life of your dreams.

First of all, you could win $2 Million Dollars immediately to do whatever you want.

Imagine all of the possibilities that would open up for you should you be given the financial freedom to finally get out from under debt … travel the world … buy a new home … pay off medical bills … donate to your favorite charity … the list goes on!

Second, as a lucky Dream Life winner you would also receive $10,000 A Month For Life! Can you imagine a monthly check for $10,000 coming into your bank account —for as long as you live! And you wouldn’t need to lift a finger! An automatic cash windfall month after month for as long as you live. Think of what it could do for you and your family. Or the good you could do for others less fortunate!

Dream Life Prize

Third, you could then enjoy your newfound fortune in a brand new Lincoln MKZ, valued at $37,085.00! After all, who wouldn’t want to drive in the lap of luxury all the way to the bank?

New Lincoln MKZ

So which part of this awesome prize would YOU want to win the most? Let us know in the comments section below. But remember: the best part of the Dream Life prize is that you don’t have to choose. Our Dream Life Prize Special Early Look Event will be here in just a few short weeks and you could “WIN IT ALL” on June 30th. So be sure to enter every chance you get!

Best of luck to you all!

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

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