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Over the past few years, a lot has been written and discussed on the subject of “executive compensation” – much of it focusing on the enormity of it in some American companies.  Many critics complain that annual salaries and bonuses for some corporate chiefs are excessive, frequently reaching into the tens of millions of dollars.

I’d like to show you how YOU can become richly compensated by devoting only a fraction of the time that a top executive spends on the job.  Let’s say that executive works 8 hours a day, 250 days a year and makes $10 million.  That translates into earnings of about $83 per minute.

Now … We have had many Publishers Clearing House winners of $10 million.  Let’s say they spent two minutes entering our sweepstakes: that is a stupendous return on time invested — like $5 million per minute, compared to that top executive’s measly $83 per minute.  That, my friends, is a “compensation package” worth pursuing.  And YOU can pursue it simply by entering our fabulous sweepstakes right now at Remember, we’re authorized to award an incredible $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” in our Special Early Look Prize Event this August! If you won a “Forever” Prize, you’d receive $5,000.00 a week for your life, plus after that, the payments would continue for the life of someone you choose!

Executive Compensation

Imagine winning a prize worth millions of dollars — and being able to leave a lasting legacy — with so little time and effort!   Then think of all the perks that could come with that Big (Pay) Check!   What’s your pleasure?  A new homeA new car or two?  More education for you or family members?  A gala celebration?  Vacations wherever and whenever you want?   Financial security for generations to come?  All this could become yours.

BUT you do have to enter.  If you are not “in it” you can’t win it!

So don’t delay.  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes today – and every day for more chances to win.

Here’s hoping you win the “pay raise” you deserve.  Good luck!


Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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