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Go For The Win at! YOU Could Become The Next Daily Token Leader!

Image from 7/21/14

Great news! There’s a new way to win cash at! Every day we’re awarding a cool $100 cash prize to the previous day’s top token scorer. You can score tokens by entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and playing games and scratch cards at Get busy earning those tokens and YOU could become the next daily token leader!

That’s right! Head on over to and get started by clicking “Begin” and “Continue” to claim your SuperPrize entry!  But, that’s only the beginning! You’ll be presented with an amazing variety of games and sweepstakes opportunities on the featured tab area. Keep going and unlock the $5,000 Bonus Game … and then the $10,000 Bonus Game! Wow!

PCH Token Leaderboard
As you can see, I’m just getting started. Image from 7/21/14.

Make sure you complete all the scratch off games in the scratch off tab to unlock the Token Vault, where you could play and score as many as 50,000 tokens! Then, don’t forget to play the instant win games at There’s thrilling Arcade Games like $1,000 Bull’s Eye Bucks and $1,000 Kingpin Cashout as well as fun Carnival Games like $1,000 Drown the Clown and Wheel-O Riches.  You’ll earn tokens and get chances to win cash instantly. Play 11 games and you’ll unlock the Token Splurge, an amazing game that could score you a 50,000 token windfall!

With so many games and instant win opportunities, it’s so much fun to watch your tokens add up as you attempt to play your way to the top of the token leaderboard as the next daily token leader! (Please note: only tokens count towards the Token Leaderboard.)

So give it a try today! Maybe you’ll become the next $100 winner! Have fun and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Don’t forget, you can use your tokens at the PCH Redemption Center to go for amazing prizes like gift cards, electronics cash and so much more!

P.P.S. Remember when we told you that we were working on a special behind the scenes video of everything that happened during our June 30th prize delivery? Well the video is almost ready and will be shown here on the PCH Blog next week! But we couldn’t wait to show you all a sneak peek, so for now please enjoy this special teaser video!


Comment below and let us know who is excited to see the full-length version!

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  1. I earn about a million tokens daily, but I can find no way to get near/over 400,000 tokens on my PCH
    tokens leaderboard. Suggestions please?

    1. Hello Stephen, the leaderboard on will show the top “Daily Token” earners from only. The amount you have referenced is a combined total of your tokens earned from our and PCHgames websites. As the amount of tokens you earned on alone does not match or exceed the top “Daily Token” earners, your name will not appear on the leader board. To view which tokens count and do not count towards the Daily Token Leaderboard, please click here: