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“Lucky” The Big Check asks: What town should I come to?

Lucky The Big Check In Hawaiian Shirt

Hello, my PCH pals! Your pal “Lucky” here – the handsome, glamorous, sought-after PCH “Big Check”!

It just so happens that I know the identity of Thursday’s amazing $1,000,000 prize event winner. I bet you all want to know where that lucky someone lives, right?

Maybe it’s in YOUR neck of the woods! Should I bring sunglasses, sunscreen and flip-flops for late-August heat … or should I pack a light jacket or sweater for someplace that’s already getting chilly at night?

I’ve done a LOT of traveling with the Prize Patrol over the past year, surprising LOTS of happy Publishers Clearing House winners.  Just last August, we headed out to Moro, Illinois to deliver our second “Forever” Prize to Michael Miller. What a thrill that was!

PCH Winner Michael Miller

And we just kept driving all over the map, month after month, on prize award missions to Ontario, Metairie LA, Montgomery TX, Coos Bay OR, Lapeer MI, McAllen TX – like the old Johnny Cash song, we’ve been everywhere, man!

Just last November, we visited Miami, Florida to make John Kutz a millionaire!

PCH Winner John Kutz

And in the same month, just days later, we delivered $1,000,000 to Connie Keisser of Mountain Home, Idaho.

PCH Winner Connie Kiesser

And then there was our February 2014 millionaire, James Walker, in Newalla, Oklahoma… Million Dollar Winner Penny Pompa of Monroe, Connecticut in April … Castle Rock, Washington’s newest millionaire, Neil Kroll in June… boy, I’m going to have to get my cardboard rotated at some point.

Sure, it’s tough to be on the road so many days. But all 759 square inches of me are buzzing with excitement about this Thursday’s $1,000,000 prize delivery. Just imagine hearing the doorbell ring and coming face-to-cardboard with ME, “Lucky,” the PCH Big Check, made out to YOU for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Where oh where will our Prize Patrol take me on August 28th?  It could be anywhere! 

Hey … give us a shout-out and tell us where YOU’d like us to show up on Thursday – just jot it down in the “Comments” section below. But PLEASE do NOT post your address or other personal information in the comments section (for your safety!)

Time that I got my beauty sleep for the big day – that ink just smudges like crazy unless my writing surface is smooth.

Hope to see you soon …

The PCH Big Check

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