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What Happens If I Win and I’m Not Home?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked here at Publishers Clearing House is “What happens If I Win and I’m Not Home?” Because this is SUCH an important question, we had the PCH Video Group put together a new video to answer it for you. It’s part of our new “PCH CHAT” series staring Howie, and the Prize Patrol! Watch below to find out what happens.


As Danielle and Todd explained in the video, if the winner isn’t home, the Prize Patrol does NOT give the prize to someone else. What they will do is WAIT for the winner to come home. Often times, they have to wait a really long time, which is what happened with Rory Bellamy, our $1 Million winner from November 2012, and Pam Barton. Can you believe the Prize Patrol waited a whole weekend for Pam?

In some cases, the Prize Patrol has even tracked winners down at work! Can you imagine getting surprised with a Big Check in person at your workplace? That’s what happened to our $10,000 winner Carol Copeland who the Prize Patrol surprised in front of a classroom full of students!

So remember everyone, the Prize Patrol ALWAYS finds their winner. So keep playing  and YOU could be next!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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    1. Hi Timothy! I’m sorry to tell you that was a scammer, not the real PCH. It’s important to remember that PCH does not contact winners of a major prize via phone, text, email, mail, or on Social Media. Also, if anyone asks you for money for any reason to claim a prize, you can be sure they’re a scammer. Please don’t give them any money, or any personal information! You can report them to us at this link: We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers here: Stay safe!