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The Final Drawing For Giveaway 3080 Is Here!

Final drawing for Giveaway 3080

As a friend of PCH, you’ve probably received notices from us stating that $5,000 A Week “Forever” will be awarded on February 27th as part of the FINAL DRAWING for Giveaway 3080. This is GREAT NEWS for all our friends out there who want to win because the “Forever” Prize is guaranteed to be awarded.

That’s right! With this upcoming final drawing, Giveaway #3080 will end, and the entrant who has been assigned the Prize Number that is randomly selected will DEFINITELY win $5,000 A Week “Forever” — which is $5,000 a week for the lifetime of the winner, and after that, 5,000 a week for life to someone special chosen by the winner.

To be clear, this differs from a special early look event where PCH officials take a “special early look” for a matching winning number from an ongoing giveaway. In a special early look event, if a matching winning number has been returned on time, the big upfront prize will be awarded.  If not, a second-chance drawing is usually held, and a smaller (yet still exciting) prize is given away. Often winners from our second-chance drawings receive $1 Million. Still pretty amazing for a second chance, right?

Final drawings are some of the most exciting times on the PCH calendar, so I want to encourage all our friends out there to enter as often as you can. $5,000 A Week “Forever” is at stake and will definitely be awarded. After all, Giveaway 3080 has already made 6 happy winners, and it’s time to end with lucky winner number 7!
Will you be the one who goes down in PCH history as the final winner from Giveaway #3080? It could happen. Keep entering, and keep the faith!

All the best to you and yours,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. With the final drawing for Giveaway No. 3080 on the horizon and excitement growing, I wanted to share this fantastic poem written by blog reader Doreen K.

Oh, no!
PCH Giveaway #3080
We’re all here for you, you’ve certainly put on a show!
From all parts of the globe, and now you have to go!

Will you go north, will you go south, or maybe east or west?
To bring your answer to the blessed
Tell us, oh please, tell us where you will rest,
For Giveaway 4900 is putting you to rest!

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